My Little Soldier

Sleepless nights,
restless days,
so exhausted.

Worry -filled ,
anxious mind,
you’ are all I need.

Watching sun leaves,
staring above
sky each night,

happy days
gone by.

Your giggles
I terribly

Your sweet
little voice,
the morning
and night kiss.

In God
I heartily pray ,
I’m asking ,
He’ll let you stay.

edit jairren

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Holding Faith

What it’s like staying in hospital?



Counting hours ,days
sitting by our chairs.
Watching the sun rises,
with hopes inside arises.
Witnessing the sun setting
with fears lurking behind.
Staying in this kind of place
we have no other choice
but to silently pray.
Questioning the heart,
wondering, figuring it all,
an ordinary circumstance
or a destined fate to hold?
I looked around, I listened
to every people’s call.
Each burning emotions
tears surround their wall,
I pray to God for comfort,
strength may He bless,
for us, broken hearted,
we may find light and rest.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~




Sitting in front of a mirror,

I can see a reflection

 a shadow of what’s outside.

What if they would figure out

what’s hidden

what’s keeping inside.

They may think ,

it’s a lie,

could be real,

may be something,

could be nothing.

If I could

let this hidden go,

forget, escape from ,

 just let it slip away.

I may be able to know,

where will I be going,

what I may

not to do and say.

Hopeful of things

beyond my imagination.

Be brave and strong

what lies within.

My wishes

may not come true,

dreams may far

but then

At least I know

what would I expect

in between


Screaming pain

Looking at my little boy now  lying in hospital bed with a  feeding tube through the  nose, all night screaming because he hates it.  Sometimes when we’re in deep emotional pain no exact words would describe, no definite words  , we all just scream. The tears will tell


Your stare tells me so
Tears that really show
Your screaming pain that says “Spare me”
Words that won’t come out for me to see
How deep your pain, all you want is to be free.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~




How long do the sunrise and sunset will set in
As I gazed on it , my heart says something deep within
Recalling the days , looking back from what I’ve been
How many more stars do I need to count
As I glanced up above, relief I found
Memories, rough days that once put me down
How much rainbows do I have to see
As I stared , felt new strength, that ‘s how should be
Felt good vibes that came out naturally.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Twisting fate



Need to pause,
leave some
things behind.
Been running
from day to day,
miles to miles.
Its time now to look
for inner peace ,
to regain strength
from same old
story lines.
How could I ever
leave such place
where I stayed
those difficult days.
How could I
ever forget
words I used
to hear
whenever I got
nothing to say…
Should I make
up my mind?
walk away?
go to path
where it leads back?
My mind says
“Its a good thing”
but my heart says
” Think for a while”.
They say life
still beautiful,
despite of
the bitterness
it bring sometimes.
I know I can
get over soon
by moving forward,
not even a glance
to look back…

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Thinking ,Hoping , Asking


Over the horizon, I can see memories…

A coffee aroma in a morning hush
A splash of waves that gently rush
Tinkle of a chime in a cool wind
Thinking for better day….

Over the horizon I can see dreams….

A moment of bliss that never end
A big promise not to break, a great miracle to happen
Light days ahead and road to pass without a bend
Hoping for this day..

Over the horizon I can see wishes

A fairytale like stories to keep
No sadness and loneliness to weep
Just an endless joy and peace
Asking for the day..

Over the horizon I can see myself

Thinking over my memories to relive
Hoping for my dream to live
Asking for a wish to believe..

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Old Pals



Floatin’ rainbow how brightens the sky
With dole of doves flying around so high
Couldn’t help but notice
How fast time goes by
Memoirs of old clock
Vanished its sparkling shine
Touching sunrise while savoring
The old sweet taste of wine
Old pals are there to remember
People to cherish forever…….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Just a Star

edit girl

I touched the wind but  felt nothing

I looked over the horizon but couldn’t see anything

I tried to reach that star but too distant

Even wanted  to hold  but  too faraway

Why can’t I even take a glance and walk to that way

Whisper the words so  loudly, to say….

But I know you wouldn’t still look my way

What more to say…..



My favorite Ryan Farish ♥

I find his music easy to put words into ,to describe something from the melody but it’s up to the listener, how he will done it.

I find this song happy, speaks about life, moving on

Whenever I glance above the light
It always remind me to hold on tight
In my endless road
In my continuing journey
my stronghold key…

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Music Box

Why is music so powerful and moving?

MY INSPIRATION- ♥♥♥ <My little boy’s favorite music…..

my abebe


Those happy little smiles that says
“Always here to cheer you up, when things are bad, I’ll be alright mom”
Those warm little hands from that  gentle touch that says
” Always here to hug you tight when you need it most, I will be fine mom”
In dark moments he watched me
With these tears he wiped it out.
He never ask,
Didn’t even say a word
In his eyes ,
I knew he understood though he’s in pain
Love this little boy so much!
Just one smile and touch, soaks away my fears and pain.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Whatta Sunday


I woke up late, had a bang  inside my head,

It’s  bothering me

A cup of  coffee was  dying to have,

Oh , no more !  so  instead  I took a tea

I need to rush

But couldn’t find my brush.

I left and locked the door

Only to find  didn’t have the key

Now sitting,  need  to think ,

Words to put together but I don’t know ,

Couldn’t think of anything  better

Oh Whatta  day , not a good Sunday

I may say 😦

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



Winds blowing, leaves falling

Rain dripping, a song fading

My story once living , memories drifting


Time fleeting, things keep moving

Each day, in a second, phase changing

Season switching, bits and pieces leaving

I may  not hear the same music to  feel the same rhythm

Wanna thank God above……

I may not see the same sky with  same bird flying high

Wanna thank God above …..

I may not see the same star at night that lights up so bright

Wanna thank God  above …..

I may not find the reason from these all to know it’s purpose behind

I’m thanking  God above……

Memories in here.. to relive

The  good ol’ days

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


There will be a day.

In our lives full of misery, pain and suffering, a God’s promise

God teach our hearts not to worry of anything….

God teach our hearts not to fear of something…

God teach our hearts not to give up rather continue trusting…..

God teach our hearts to be hopeful of things beyond our understanding…..

Lastly teach our hearts to hold on to you firmly no matter what life brings….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



Missing years, I was ten,
with you grandpa, beside,
whenever there’s a thunder.
Wrapped around your arms,
will cover me under,
I used to say to you,
“Will you still be here,
when I reached this tall?
To listen, to my every call?
Now years had passed
only your picture in purse,
thinking, missing of you, still-
in best of times and in worst.
Now having my own life,
more than a lady, a MOM.
Still have childhood fears,
thinking you will come,
when life getting me down,
with thunder and lightning
that pushes me around.
Wishing you still, wiping tears.
Feeling the warmth comfort ,
hugging me just the same.
Oh my dear grandpa,
your memories and love
will forever remain.

Nodz ~