Twisting fate



Need to pause,
leave some
things behind.
Been running
from day to day,
miles to miles.
Its time now to look
for inner peace ,
to regain strength
from same old
story lines.
How could I ever
leave such place
where I stayed
those difficult days.
How could I
ever forget
words I used
to hear
whenever I got
nothing to say…
Should I make
up my mind?
walk away?
go to path
where it leads back?
My mind says
“Its a good thing”
but my heart says
” Think for a while”.
They say life
still beautiful,
despite of
the bitterness
it bring sometimes.
I know I can
get over soon
by moving forward,
not even a glance
to look back…

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


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