We often think of what really love means is..
In this complicated world we are sometimes wondering the mystery of what it brings..
Nor lot of times we are mislead by our own feelings without thinking..
Love is flexible, it take things in stride, and can handle whatever comes its way.
It is ready to give others the benefit of the doubt and looks for the best in them. It never runs out of patience. It’s not selfish and often thinks of others than selves..It never fails..There are hundreds of phrase that tells about it, but do we try asking ourselves ,
How far can we go in the name of love?
Just my feelings and thoughts in two of my life issues I’m dealing now that I put into words..
As a true friend, and  a mom with an ill child….



A friend in grievance,
voice from distance
Silently saying,
“I want to be alone”
Wanna face my world
out of my own
You might be wondering
“Am I existing?”
You may want to figure out
or think of just leaving?

Feeling his little hands ,
groaning for pain
“I’ll be with you in rain”
Tensions so draining,
here inside so breaking
Unbearable fears ,
overwhelming feeling
A heart-wrenching ,
God’s will or  my desire,
if emotion burning in fire,
How would I?

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


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