Missing Home…

 If I’ll be given a chance to choose where would I like to live again, I want to go back where I was born and raised… I’m missing home actually, missing our house, my parents,  I miss  the silence most of all.


This big city, where I live
Nothing but noise  it gives
Nothing but complete sadness
Something’s always wrong , such a mess.
Missing home..

Don’t have circles of  real friends , just few good one
A feeling of  being abandoned , desolated, definitely no fun
My moments and days twisting me upside down
I don’t know how and where would I hide and run
Missing home..

Things gets gloomier each passing day,
Emptiness creeps , burning memories that stay
One day I will be home , In God I pray
On my retirement day, will no longer say
I’m missing home…

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


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