Changes and Choices

Life is full of changes and choices, I guess that can be said of all of our lives. Would it not be good if we could choose a period of our lives that was enjoyable and let time stand still. Changes and choices goes hand in hand, we can never predict things to happen, sometimes a certain circumstance that requires to choose an options, could be an alternative just to come up with a decision due to some unexpected changes.

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Too many crossroads, which way, what path
No idea what awaits, no clue what’s ahead
Uncertainties and doubts are the words
We dream of something, we even wish it to happen..
We hold on to a certain thing
We do everything
We choose, we love
We give, we lose

Live life well,   all of us  should
Laugh as its last,  all we need
Love with no end, this, we must

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


One thought on “Changes and Choices

  1. Reblogged this on ✎ Written Thoughts…. and commented:

    I was watching Asian Food Channel just an hour ago, one of my favorite show in here is “The Restaurant Make Over, it’s all about restaurant renovations , the episode this morning made me think of something, the owner was questioning how could changes be made out of his budget he agreed, new furnitures, cooking machines, he got quite frustrated when he saw, they were breaking everything. Changes is a scary thing, but if we’ll make the right choice, and trust ….. 🙂


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