The Boy

A story of a  mother and  his sick little boy …


She’s watching him last night
Holding a paper
He’s pretending  reading.
Her heart wanted to explode.
She couldn’t say anything,
Her soul was crying.

Behind his little eyes,
His heart was yearning ,
She hates to say
Wait a little bit more ,
“Soon my baby”
You’re on your way,

His bear knows everything
He hugs it,
Telling his pain in tears
What more then,
So sick and tired,
Always in fears.

16th of April when he came
With his  cute little nose,
Everybody adore him.
She never thought
Such hands of fate
Immensely tough , too deep for him

A boy with a smile
That speaks a thousand ,
Never need to say a word
Even a single thing
It gives love
Gives  her hope..

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


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