Pages of Love

Love this music!  , the rhythm tells a story 26

In deep silence,
a sweet hum we always hear.
In midst of darkness,
a sweet voice that can erase any fear.
Safe in a warmth embrace,
the kind of love that can shed a tear.

Not far away,
a twin shadow behind.
Both bond with a promise,
two hearts convey one thing in mind.
Two souls tightly connected,
the kind of love that’s undefined.

In life’s journey,
a Savior from above.
From our misery He can lift us up,
HIS  Spirit descends as a dove.
We need to come to Him with empty cup,
the kind of love , God’s greatest Love.

Smashbook - Our Love Song_2

Nodz ~


10 thoughts on “Pages of Love

  1. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for nominating me for the sweet blogger. This is a great place to come. I have been overwhelmed with all the support! You are a very talented writer and I have enjoyed reading your poems.


    • Thank you so much Tina , your compliment inspires me to write more , I appreciate it very much and you’re welcome! you deserve that award 🙂 your poems are great.


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