Feeling under huge pressure today, counting  the hours……


I can feel my blood
rushing through my veins.
A fire burning
deep inside my brain.

Will gonna explode
and burst into flame
As this clock keeps on ticking
screaming out my name ..

Can’t run now, can’t even hide
I got to keep moving.
Will gonna fall behind
things now aren’t worth losing.

Let there be a  guiding light
to this confusion, clouding my mind.
I won’t be giving up this fight
to get things done to get on time.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


7 thoughts on “Pressure!

  1. You are a strong woman,for that I truly admire you.You inspired me even more in times of challenges in this journey.Each one of us has his own trials,difficulties,pressures but in a different situation but I believed pains are the same,heartaches are the same and hearts are just the same.And in times like this we need each others comfort but our greatest comfort is knowing that behind all these God is in control 🙂 Thank you bes for sharing comforts with each other 🙂


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