God’s gift : Understanding

There’s nothing better than seeing your love ones  still fast asleep. We all had a good night, thank God, no night ouchies!  Our little one  joined us over dinner last night and  finally smiling now. I can say our little soldier is finally  back but  I know how it feels everytime there’s  a burning  pain somewhere. Still,  he is recuperating from 3 weeks hospital stay , 3 more weeks, I guess, then hoping. Early this morning,  I was clearing some clutters in the room, saw this mickey mouse alphabet coloring book and  a box of large crayons. I suddenly remembered it was him who chose this stuff, while we were in a mall bookstore. It seems like ages now since we had this little shopping alone, no  series of surgeries had done yet, he can still run and walk  freely without something that would bother him. On the other side of the room, there’s this two little bikes kept (when was the last time he rode this bikes) His childhood  was  stolen from him, in and out of the hospital for 4 years, prefers to lie down most of the time. One of my  sentiments – how can he still manage to smile and be contented, yet he knows  he’s carrying something  that would stay there for a lifetime. I know kids are resilient by  nature than we are –taken  from my personal journal 

Sometimes , when we love someone , we feel we just can’t give them enough. I think most parents feel this way about their children. Love make us generous. But generosity is more than giving. If anyone could have showered gifts on those he loved, it was God, but He didn’t. Instead He provided  for their basic needs;  he saw to it  that they had sheltered and enough to eat . He watched them counting coins when he could have filled  their laps with riches. God gave something more precious and more lasting  than gifts.  He gave us the gift of understanding. He knew how hard it is to live  in this world. He felt what others felt and couldn’t put into words. In our little boy’s case, if not with  that gift of  understanding towards his real health condition, probably  he won’t be smiling and fighting. Just a share 🙂 Short  poem for today-

Out of the depths,

My  utter despair

Out of my blahs

I cried  to you

the  wisdom

 you gave

I was saved

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


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