Chalk of life

Got inspired by this American animated television series ChalkZone , the series follows Rudy Tabootie, an elementary school student whose magic chalk allows him into the ChalkZone, an alternate dimension where everything drawn on a blackboard and erased becomes real.  I  was watching last night and something popped into my head…


If given two
magic chalks
to draw a thing,
write anything.
First will be a pair
of wings flapping,
to fly, soar high
so as to give this
little fantasy a try.
It’s like reaching
a wishful dream,
only waiting for
a light to gleam.
Second is a word
PEACE to touch
a troubled heart,
yearns for love,
hurting  much.
Imagine a world,
without  fears
It’s a beautiful place
to stay and settle in.

Oh magical chalk
If you’re only real….

.(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


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