<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

Somewhere, miles away, crops push their way toward harvest and waves roar and tumble onto the shore. Windswept forest sing their timeless songs,  and desert animals scurry in the shadows of cactus and rock.  Within a matter of hours night will fall, the dark sky will glitter with moon and stars and sleep will force itself upon us. Life will continue on uninterrupted. Appreciated or not, the canvas of nature will go on being painted by the fingers of God.  In the midst of the offensive noise of our modern world-the people, the cars, the sounds, the smog, the heat, the pressures-there stand those reminders  of His deep peace.

~ Charles R. Swindoll



Oh Lord God, one of the best ways
to prepare our hearts and minds, 
for moments with you,
is simply to seek you in the beauty of your creation.

The majesty of the mountains,
the sound of falling rain,
the smell of burning leaves on a beautiful day,
the touch of a loved one,
the taste of our favorite meal-
your beauty is all around us,
bombarding our senses.

Help us not to become so busy or distracted,
that we miss those times,
when your beauty invades our lives. Amen




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