Holding Faith

Another journey again, thanking God- as we stepped out from the hospital I looked around, I had this thought- nothing’s change, post still in place, people still rushing, don’t know if they mind what’s inside that some are dying, families worrying and crying.
Life continues despite…..

✎ Written Thoughts....

What it’s like staying in hospital?



Counting hours ,days
sitting by our chairs.
Watching the sun rises,
with hopes inside arises.
Witnessing the sun setting
with fears lurking behind.
Staying in this kind of place
we have no other choice
but to silently pray.
Questioning the heart,
wondering, figuring it all,
an ordinary circumstance
or a destined fate to hold?
I looked around, I listened
to every people’s call.
Each burning emotions
tears surround their wall,
I pray to God for comfort,
strength may He bless,
for us, broken hearted,
we may find light and rest.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~

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Sometimes we experience bad days that could last for a week  or more,  everything seemed to go wrong. It can be mildly irritating , sometimes downright exasperating or extremely depressing.  Mine’s now…. overflowing  piles of  work to  do but too much mental distractions ……..


Our mind won’t stop spinning,
We’re bothered, that’s why.
Thoughts racing back – forth,
only we can do is to sigh.
We stare blankly into space,
we’re at our breaking point.
Emotion rules, taking  us over,
things are mean to disappoint.
We need to stretch our patience,
an air to breathe, pray for silence.



Simple Things

Looking through the  eyes of  an every child how simple things are, they would really show great appreciation and we all know the sincerity is there. I remember last year, few  days before our little soldier’s  birthday,  same answer each time  I ask him what he wants for his special day , “A blue cake and green balloon,   “Just one he said and an ice cream in cone” (that simple? I thought..) . When the day came and saw the colorful cake  bought and the bundle of balloons.  A very loud   “WOOOWWW”  as he danced joyfully and kissed me.  It was just a cake I thought, not a big kiddie party. 


Let’s remind ourselves to be more appreciative of simple things God showing us everyday;  may sound too sentimental and overly dramatic but really, what I learned most in my everyday are the simple ones which are the true source of a real happiness.. 

Go outside, experiment, have fun,
whatever the weather.
Bundle up if it’s cold ,
put on your shorts if sunny.
Take some time to laugh,
enjoy if you find things funny.
Look around you,
simple things are God’s given gift.
To savor each bite ,
life is short and time is too swift.



Castles in the Air

There are times we think  If  we could only  stay in a certain place for just about a few minutes, just be there to take a break or rest our minds where we won’t be thinking or remember anything in our real world for a while. But we know it would be impossible, this life’s with us wherever, day and night. 


edit dreamig

Such a long tiring day,
finally now sitting.
Hear clock ticking
mind starts wandering .
Castles in the air,
our hidden affair.
Whispering,”what if ?”
And “how is it to be?”.
Visions, new things
places we wanna see.
Music floating in air ,
calming down senses.
Lose touch with reality
for ten minutes or more,
we feel relaxed enough
to go back to real world.



Wait and Hope *Poetry

Waiting is hard , but believing  while waiting is harder still. That’s why people take things into their hands. Is there one special matter you have been praying about for a long time? I myself  have one. How many times have you tried to quit because nothing is happening?  No answer,  not even a sign. .  God’s timing  does not always coincide  with our immediate plans.  Sometimes his timing requires that   We WAIT  and  HOPE.  


An inward peace ,
God’s heavenly promise
says,” you must trust”.
Mind says, “better quit”
As this feeling insist,
“keep going must adjust”
As this doubts calls,
an inner voice saying,
“Can’t be, I’m so sorry”
God even in His silence
still in heart, it whispers
“don’t you ever worry”
Waiting and hoping ,
tells a good story.
What we just need is
to seek God’s glory.




You wake up , glance at the clock  ,  it’s still  early then  you tell yourself , “go back to sleep” ,  but thinking of  all  “must-do’s”  and should-do’s  race through your mind, how will you greet the day? … An  early prayer then after, a  cup of  coffee while reading  or checking  good stuff   to read  like I did earlier?…. I  enjoyed browsing and reading  blogs this morning.

Most of us have forgotten  how to greet the day. The knowledge is all but lost to us that a new day is sacred: a gift from God, a rare and precious gift. A new day brings with it another opportunity to start all over , to raise one’s head  from the pillow with a glad heart, to watch the clouds  roll across the dark sky. We must learn  to not ever take for granted, no matter how pain-filled  our life-that we are live and the earth still turn on its axis.

loonapix_1377492970142029539 (1)

My clock tick,
I can see sun now speak.
had my prayer,
fave coffee to start the day..

What lies today,
entrust it to Savior’s care.
Wisdom we ask,
a strong deep faith to last…

Each day, a God’s gift,
hug it , time is too swift
I’m in hurry, must go now
Such a busy day, so”Ciao”




<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

All walls fall…eventually. No matter how well-constructed or long standing it is, the wall will fall. It may be as intimidating as an angry giant or as silent as thin air and just as invisible, like the stubborn will of a person or the bitter spirit of an individual. But all walls finally fall.

Anyone who knows even a little history knows how true that is. To this day, archeologists’ spades continues to unearth the fallen walls of the world’s great empire, Egyptian walls, Grecian walls, Roman wall, French walls, German walls, Russian walls..

All walls finally fall. Even our own. Even those built up against us. In the final analysis, Christ conquers!..There is no wall so great but that He is not greater still.

~Charles Swindoll



Almighty God

I ‘ve learned that our abilities do not always make us strong

The demands of life often reveal  that we certainly fall

We desire faith to move mountains, to have power to lift burdens,

A foundation deep enough to hold up against the forces of temptation.

Help us to realize that your wall always  promise to give  inner strength

when we depend entirely on you and fully trust you. Amen




You never know when someone may catch a dream from you.You never know when a little word, or something you may do may open up a window of the mind that seeks the light.  The way you live may not matter at all…



Behind sadness
that stares ,
I see a thing
you can’t deal.
Your heart
is throbbing,
some confusions
I feel.
As silence speaks ,
I hear tears
Let me hear
your story ,
I can lend
you my ears.
Let me hold
your hand ,
I ‘ll take away
that fears.
dark times
can be
too harsh ,
yet can make
us tough.
In a pouring rain
it will teach us
to fight,
let me show
you light.
Life has lots
of funny ways
of sneaking
up on us
But then,
we can always
ask God
to awaken
our trust.

Nodz ~


Strangers We Are

I’m  missing some  special people……….friendships that have drifted apart, it’s hard and I gotta say, it  sucks. It may be unrealistic to expect any kind of friendship to stay intact but we can always preserve the respect  and love that  once had. Friends do come and go, it’s “reality”,  we will  be losing some  but along the way we will meet new ones. . Hold on to the people you really care  about and  just be the person you are.


My mind is racing,
the thought of –
once I had you.
I may not know why,
but this I hate
to say, I really do.
As your shadow
dragging me down,
opening the pages
Of once sweet memories
that drifted apart
way back ages.
Now barely
recognize things,
strangers we are
Haven’t you noticed?
I constantly,
watching you from afar
Haven’t you heard?
I’m always whispering
to remind you a thing,
Hear,what is it makes
us stay”? …..
whatever it will bring…

 Nodz ~



We will never be able  to fully control  every thing that’s  happening in our lives, however we can be able to choose  emotional response towards it.  Emotions can be conditioned and we  are capable of keeping ourselves from doing  what we feel pulled to do by our emotions,  like in  rough times,  just having the right attitude- by switching on the light of hope from God and use it,  we can still be happy inspite ,  because we know deep inside, there’s  powerful  God  that would take charge and need not to worry.

“Why don’t we ? “





Happy birthday grandpa… wish you’re still here….

✎ Written Thoughts....

Missing years, I was ten,
with you grandpa, beside,
whenever there’s a thunder.
Wrapped around your arms,
will cover me under,
I used to say to you,
“Will you still be here,
when I reached this tall?
To listen, to my every call?
Now years had passed
only your picture in purse,
thinking, missing of you, still-
in best of times and in worst.
Now having my own life,
more than a lady, a MOM.
Still have childhood fears,
thinking you will come,
when life getting me down,
with thunder and lightning
that pushes me around.
Wishing you still, wiping tears.
Feeling the warmth comfort ,
hugging me just the same.
Oh my dear grandpa,
your memories and love
will forever remain.

Nodz ~



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When this life is extremely overwhelming,
worries and doubts, faith ebbing.
A feeling rushing back like tidal waves,
Wind blows straight into our face.
Savior above must have something planned,
Even we can’t fully understand.
Just listen even to the faintest prompting,
with heart open, don’t stop believing.


Sometimes I fail to listen…




It’s been 4 days now we’re experiencing storm and  heavy rains , many got affected with floods, many were left homeless and the need for food, clothes and shelters. Thanking God my family is safe . My heart goes out to all victims and my deep prayer…


*Flood swamps more than half of Manila

Almighty God,

I am trying to imagine being in the midst of the earth’s calamities, all at the same time. I am certain this cannot even begin to compare to your power! You are the creator of all these phenomena, and what is created is never more powerful than the Creator. But you are also the same God who has the power to calm the storms in our hearts, to dry up the flood of fear and to control the whirlwinds on our lives. Grant us the humility to put more trust in your power than our own. Don’t let our resources get in the way so that we fail to rely on you. May Your power flow through us. Amen.



My Dreams

loonapix_13770420233096674650 (1)

You were my best buddy,
some years back.
together we chased thoughts,
around the clock.
Colored butterflies flying over,
the  mustard fields.
Streams below rainbow falls,
splendidly flow.
We didn’t part even just once,
my ever flaming light.
Anywhere, everywhere  I go,
a  twin shadow behind.
Seasons change,
you were slowly dimishing,
Surrounded by doubts,
I can see you now leaving.
My dreams don’t go,
I come to God, fervently asking.




It’s a gloomy rainy Monday here, just a random thought  ..


“The lucky One”  the movie ,  I never get tired of  watching this over and over . It’s an adaptation of the novel of one of my favorite Nicholas Sparks.  It was about finding  an unexpected love in unexpected place.

Let’s fill each day with thoughts of LOVE 🙂


I’ve seen your shadow,
in sphere of my dream.
Heard the silence of love,
that spoke deep within.

I carefully sketched it
with an endless thought
Of you then kept it deep
inside my soul, I got lost

I searched for any chance,
I listened , it whispered,
Fought the love, I stayed,
just to follow your way.

Things happen for reason,
in middle or every end,
can be a beginning
or will change as season.

Every love and  friendship
In  dreams will stay.



We Weep and Pray, Grow and Learn

<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

Tests are never wasted. God never says, “Oops made a mistake on that one. I shouldn’t have given you that. I meant that for Frank. “Sorry, Bob.” It’s as if the Lord has our name on specific trials. They are specifically  designed for us, arranged with our weaknesses and our immaturity in mind. He bears down and doesn’t let up. And we groan and we hurt and we weep and we pray and we grow and we learn. Through it all we learn. Through it all we learn to depend upon His Word…

The common response to trials is resistance, if not outright resentment. How much better that we open the doors of our hearts and welcome the God-ordained trials s honored guests for the good  they do in our lives.

~ Charles R. Swindoll

loonapix_1376890035406758767 (1)


God help us to remember the spiritual growth,

is like a physical growth.

We must start small, take one day at a time,

with an open heart and to never stop climb.

I know I can do this by depending on  You,

Seeking answers  through prayers , things I must do.

Help me to see each day as a building block

To learn and  grow, to let this frozen heart unlock.




We are all walking in same journey in life but only  on different paths taking- can be a road of struggles;  could be pain, confusions, bitterness, fears or even blessings of all sorts; happiness, abundance. Most of us,  when in pain or going through some kind of storm in life, we prefer to be in silence, pretending things are well, we tend to bottle all things inside until we come to the point of breaking and freaking out. One thing I’ve learned in life whenever I share my feelings, whether it’s fear, worries or sadness,  just being real to open up and share what’s going on, I am making a difference, I’m bringing healing to people, I am opening doors  and windows for them   to be able to understand what life really is and they can be able to make  own realizations that could help them on whatever journey they’re taking .. JUST A SHARE 🙂


Image from FB site  Illuminating Souls



Hearts to Trust, Mind to Rest

<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

God  has entrusted to us a great deal. He knows that we can do all things by His grace, so He’s trusting in us to trust in Him. Yet He knows our fears as well, otherwise  He wouldn’t assure us so often of His purposes and His presence.

We feel hurt and alone-God assures us He cares
We feel angry and resentful-God provides wisdom an strength.
We feel ashamed-God grants forgiveness and comforts
We feel anxious-God promises to supply all our needs.
May He give us ears to hear, hearts to trust, and mind to rest in Him. Our God is uniquely and ultimately trustworthy.

~ Charles R. Swindoll

oie_trim_image (2)


God help us to trust you.

When  we learn to trust,

we’ll never have to question,

your motives for us.

May we be,

absolutely confident,

that you always have,

our best interest in mind.

Your love for us,

unchanging and permanent

truly  magnificent.




….. we must keep going…..

✎ Written Thoughts....

Life is a road …..

I was driving
in rough  dusty road.,
Finding  the way out,
was difficult.
Almost giving up ,
struggling to move forward


where I can slow down
and take the bend.
Caught in between ,
the usual thing
each time
I’m on my way
to the end..
Exhausted , drained,
Anybody guide me..
Which route,
a detour maybe
that leads thee..

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~

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Painted Thoughts

Nothing is impossible with our God Above…

✎ Written Thoughts....

We all have hidden desires, longings, dreams , wishes even fantasies that holds inside, our minds may  say, “it’s impossible” but our hearts always  hopes and  will insist,  “it’s possible”, soon one day may be…



I painted my wall with an endless thoughts of beautiful colors
Keeping each and every shade, the way I want it to be
Above the night sky I have my own stars
Counting each one that glitters afar
The twinkling lights be the way, their numbers be my guide
I will embrace tightly what my heart speaks and desire
Will lock it here deep inside that fires
Season may change, one day may all be
Never to drop and continue to perceive
Dreams and wishes to always believe.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~

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God’s Whisper

oie_trim_image (3)

In midst of noise
and turmoil,
a whisper sometimes
we tend to ignore.
Drowning in deep river
of unwanted fears ,
Beyond our silence,
we forget to call.
Savior’s torch
that able to light up,
the dark corner
of  our deep sorrow.
He’s just there,
watching and waiting,
A strong faith ,
firm trust He’s asking.




A Clock of Life


Up, side and down,

round and round,

as clock of life goes.

Endless moving,

continuously flows.

Season  of  gladness,

moments of  sadness.

Earthly Angels beside,

friends we truly call.

To lift , cheer us up,

 help us when we fall.


Thanking old and new friends…
May God bless and keep you always ♥