Painted Thoughts

Nothing is impossible with our God Above…

✎ Written Thoughts....

We all have hidden desires, longings, dreams , wishes even fantasies that holds inside, our minds may  say, “it’s impossible” but our hearts always  hopes and  will insist,  “it’s possible”, soon one day may be…



I painted my wall with an endless thoughts of beautiful colors
Keeping each and every shade, the way I want it to be
Above the night sky I have my own stars
Counting each one that glitters afar
The twinkling lights be the way, their numbers be my guide
I will embrace tightly what my heart speaks and desire
Will lock it here deep inside that fires
Season may change, one day may all be
Never to drop and continue to perceive
Dreams and wishes to always believe.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~

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