Hearts to Trust, Mind to Rest

<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

God  has entrusted to us a great deal. He knows that we can do all things by His grace, so He’s trusting in us to trust in Him. Yet He knows our fears as well, otherwise  He wouldn’t assure us so often of His purposes and His presence.

We feel hurt and alone-God assures us He cares
We feel angry and resentful-God provides wisdom an strength.
We feel ashamed-God grants forgiveness and comforts
We feel anxious-God promises to supply all our needs.
May He give us ears to hear, hearts to trust, and mind to rest in Him. Our God is uniquely and ultimately trustworthy.

~ Charles R. Swindoll

oie_trim_image (2)


God help us to trust you.

When  we learn to trust,

we’ll never have to question,

your motives for us.

May we be,

absolutely confident,

that you always have,

our best interest in mind.

Your love for us,

unchanging and permanent

truly  magnificent.



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