It gently whisper
in deep-rooted silence.
Screams and shouts,
in between.
Cast a light whenever
I looked back.
Haunting memories,
deep within.
Shadow that follows
me anywhere.
Song that stirs
my head whenever.
I’ll be with you here
and everywhere.
In this thoughts
and in my prayers.
Love will stay forever…



4 thoughts on “Missing….

  1. Good morning sis
    I dont know why this morning after churching. I moved to open my gadget and I see your post. my eyes teared while read your poem. I am moved and touched. My mind imagined you whisper this poem in the Mikko’s ear.


      • Hi sis.
        Yes I know your words are only from your hero and him always. I am deeply touched. I show your poem to my fiance and my mommy as well. They said your poem represents how deep your love to Mikko 🙂 by the way I has beeb reply your email . Have a blessed sunday morning sis 🙂


        • When it comes to Raik (Mikko) everything flows, thank you for sharing this to your love ones.*happy 🙂 send my hello to them, will check email 🙂 blessed Sunday!


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