You never know when someone may catch a dream from you.You never know when a little word, or something you may do may open up a window of the mind that seeks the light.  The way you live may not matter at all…



Behind sadness
that stares ,
I see a thing
you can’t deal.
Your heart
is throbbing,
some confusions
I feel.
As silence speaks ,
I hear tears
Let me hear
your story ,
I can lend
you my ears.
Let me hold
your hand ,
I ‘ll take away
that fears.
dark times
can be
too harsh ,
yet can make
us tough.
In a pouring rain
it will teach us
to fight,
let me show
you light.
Life has lots
of funny ways
of sneaking
up on us
But then,
we can always
ask God
to awaken
our trust.

Nodz ~


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