Strangers We Are

I’m  missing some  special people……….friendships that have drifted apart, it’s hard and I gotta say, it  sucks. It may be unrealistic to expect any kind of friendship to stay intact but we can always preserve the respect  and love that  once had. Friends do come and go, it’s “reality”,  we will  be losing some  but along the way we will meet new ones. . Hold on to the people you really care  about and  just be the person you are.


My mind is racing,
the thought of –
once I had you.
I may not know why,
but this I hate
to say, I really do.
As your shadow
dragging me down,
opening the pages
Of once sweet memories
that drifted apart
way back ages.
Now barely
recognize things,
strangers we are
Haven’t you noticed?
I constantly,
watching you from afar
Haven’t you heard?
I’m always whispering
to remind you a thing,
Hear,what is it makes
us stay”? …..
whatever it will bring…

 Nodz ~


13 thoughts on “Strangers We Are

    • some things are beyond our control, when people decide to leave for good, we should let them, what’s important wherever they go, our hearts and prayers are with them 🙂


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