You wake up , glance at the clock  ,  it’s still  early then  you tell yourself , “go back to sleep” ,  but thinking of  all  “must-do’s”  and should-do’s  race through your mind, how will you greet the day? … An  early prayer then after, a  cup of  coffee while reading  or checking  good stuff   to read  like I did earlier?…. I  enjoyed browsing and reading  blogs this morning.

Most of us have forgotten  how to greet the day. The knowledge is all but lost to us that a new day is sacred: a gift from God, a rare and precious gift. A new day brings with it another opportunity to start all over , to raise one’s head  from the pillow with a glad heart, to watch the clouds  roll across the dark sky. We must learn  to not ever take for granted, no matter how pain-filled  our life-that we are live and the earth still turn on its axis.

loonapix_1377492970142029539 (1)

My clock tick,
I can see sun now speak.
had my prayer,
fave coffee to start the day..

What lies today,
entrust it to Savior’s care.
Wisdom we ask,
a strong deep faith to last…

Each day, a God’s gift,
hug it , time is too swift
I’m in hurry, must go now
Such a busy day, so”Ciao”



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