Wait and Hope *Poetry

Waiting is hard , but believing  while waiting is harder still. That’s why people take things into their hands. Is there one special matter you have been praying about for a long time? I myself  have one. How many times have you tried to quit because nothing is happening?  No answer,  not even a sign. .  God’s timing  does not always coincide  with our immediate plans.  Sometimes his timing requires that   We WAIT  and  HOPE.  


An inward peace ,
God’s heavenly promise
says,” you must trust”.
Mind says, “better quit”
As this feeling insist,
“keep going must adjust”
As this doubts calls,
an inner voice saying,
“Can’t be, I’m so sorry”
God even in His silence
still in heart, it whispers
“don’t you ever worry”
Waiting and hoping ,
tells a good story.
What we just need is
to seek God’s glory.



7 thoughts on “Wait and Hope *Poetry

  1. There’s a lot of waiting in this life! It used to drive me absolutely crazy when was younger, but I’ve got used to it all now. Accepting that’s the way life is – things and events unfold slowly, makes life a lot easier to cope with. We all get there in the end! 🙂


  2. Thank you for following our blog, Nodz. We’re so glad you did, so that we could find yours. You have a very beautiful blog, very inspiring poetry and writing, with the finishing touch of beautiful music. Wow! We hardly wanna leave… Pawkisses for a wonderful day, from Granny and Little Bink 🙂


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