Simple Things

Looking through the  eyes of  an every child how simple things are, they would really show great appreciation and we all know the sincerity is there. I remember last year, few  days before our little soldier’s  birthday,  same answer each time  I ask him what he wants for his special day , “A blue cake and green balloon,   “Just one he said and an ice cream in cone” (that simple? I thought..) . When the day came and saw the colorful cake  bought and the bundle of balloons.  A very loud   “WOOOWWW”  as he danced joyfully and kissed me.  It was just a cake I thought, not a big kiddie party. 


Let’s remind ourselves to be more appreciative of simple things God showing us everyday;  may sound too sentimental and overly dramatic but really, what I learned most in my everyday are the simple ones which are the true source of a real happiness.. 

Go outside, experiment, have fun,
whatever the weather.
Bundle up if it’s cold ,
put on your shorts if sunny.
Take some time to laugh,
enjoy if you find things funny.
Look around you,
simple things are God’s given gift.
To savor each bite ,
life is short and time is too swift.



6 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. Thanks for this post.. looking at your child’s smile..I felt like crying… I envy those smile… ^_^ I used to be that simple too but when got older there things you realized isn’t really simple… But still thanks for God’s Amazing Grace….Great post….


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