<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

Spend a full day in quietness. Sundays are great days to do that. Set aside at least part of the afternoon to be completely quiet. Meditation is a lost art  in this modern , hurry-up world. I suggest you revive it. Not by endlessly repeating  some mantra  to get into some other frame of mind. Not that. Simply  and silently wait  before your faithful God. Read a passage of Scripture, perhaps psalm and let it speak. Say nothing, Just sit silently. Let Him talk. Let Him reassure you that you are fully  and completely forgiven and that your shame is gone. Feel His arms reach around you…Feel again the freshness and relief of His presence.

~Charles Swindoll




We admit  that we struggle to be  still and quiet.
We throw out  complaints, rush on with our day.
Help us to prepare ourselves to hear you  speak.
Teach us to silently meditate,  listen as we seek.
Help us to believe that we  will  now hear you-
and ready our hearts to hear you speak to us too.



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