Let me share this wonderful poem I read this morning written by Susan Lenzkes, this applies to me now.. it’s about believing with the heart and to believe with the heart means to believe apart from what our ourselves may tell us or what our  senses may reveal and the only wisest approach for us to be able to learn is to seek for God’s  wisdom. Believing on something with the heart is about trusting God’s power  that He’s the one working behind the scene, putting everything in place for good.

Have a blessed day 🙂




When a message from God
would clear up confusion,
He could write on my wall-
or give the illusion.
But the writing that’s there,
it’s plain to be seen,
is a simple crayon drawing
that I’ve yet to clean

Lord help me to learn
I won’t be receiving
a miraculous sign
wrought through believing;
when each day I can see
and yet don’t apply
Your message looking at me
straight in the eye.

~by Susan Lenzkes


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