<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

You and I could name things, specific things that we’ve gone through in the last several years that make no logical sense whatsoever…But let me assure you, God is at work doing His mysterious plan (mysterious to us), which defies human logic. So quit trying to make it humanly logical. Trust Him….
Do you realize what a peaceful life you can live if you decide to live like this? Do you realized how relaxed you can be, how free of stress? Honestly. It’s so helpful for me to remind myself: He is the One who is unfathomable. He is unsearchable. I’m neither.

~Charles Swindoll



Lord God,

We ask the gift
of eternal perspective.
We allowed the cares
of this world
to cloud our minds
Steal the joy,
from our hearts
With your guiding help
we can rise above
Give us peace,
free from stress
that only you can give..




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