<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

We deny it. We fake it. We mask it.  We try to ignore it. But the truth, stubbornly persist-we are weak creatures! Being sinful, we fail. Being prone to sickness, we hurt. Being mortal , we ultimately die. Pressure wear on us. Anxiety gives us ulcers. People intimidate us. Criticism offends us. Disease scares us. Death haunt us.

How can we continue  to grow in this bag of bone, covered with weaknesses too numerous too mention? We need a big dose of Psalm 46; ” God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” What hope for those struggling through the grind of personal weaknesses!

~Charles Swindoll



Dear Jesus,
We know we have so much limitations,
Struggle with individual weaknesses,
experience feelings of inadequacy,
lack skills, abilities wish we always have,
consistently brave, strong and tough.
But in some difficult circumstance,
Let us know, you’re the “greatest” helper,
wiser and stronger, loving than anyone.
Show us how to cultivate habit of seeking
help from you, to always experience
moments when you come to our rescue.




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