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Here you go, buzzing, scaring me off again,
like an eerie sound, I can barely explain.
Perfect blue sky turns to shades of gray
Sudden rainstorm , darkness fills my air.
Once more, let me hold Your flaming torch
I cannot  find my trail now,  seems I lost.


To fear, a part of human nature, will creep up on us like a bolt of lightning. Been 2 weeks now, finally home, the hard part was over (surgery of my little soldier). Recalling the feeling I had that moment when we brought him to OR, inside I was dying , couldn’t hold  back my tears, he was screaming and shouting not on fears but  for cheeseburger  :/. God ‘s so good, everything went very well. But I can’t refrain from thinking , the if’s and but’s in the future  ( just human ).. who to call?…..



9 thoughts on “Fears

  1. out of the mouth of a young man – wanting a cheeseburger:) Next time a wave of fear or what if’s come upon you – I recommend your young man’s request – a cheeseburger. xxx


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