<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

Every achievement worth remembering is stained with the blood of diligence and scarred by the wounds of disappointment. To quit, to run, to escape, to hide-none of these options solve anything. They only postpone the acceptance of, and recknoning with, reality.
Churchill put it well: ” Wars are not won by evacuations.”…

Giving thought to giving up?
Considering the possibility of quitting?…
Don’t!…The only time the Lord ever used the word “easy” was when He referred to a yoke.

~Charles Swindoll



Dear God,
I think of quitting as a bad word,
I know there are times when I should quit.
Such as when I’m doing something wrong.
If I’m hurting someone else.
May I never quit a task that you have called me to do.
No matter how hard it seems.
Give me strength to persevere,
when the going gets tough.
To keep my eyes fixed on you,
as I move forward boldly in faith.




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