Ghost…of the past


What comes in our mind when we hear the word halloween?  Ghosts, souls, spirits, spooky houses are the common things, scary movies can be added. I won’t be talking more of  this halloween things but instead the other ghost. I may call it, the ghost of the past –Memories that burn that come back to haunt and rob our peace of mind. Let me share something about my little boy, young as four years old, he went  through five major surgeries already. It was extremely distressing  traumatic but apparently for him seems it was nothing. Still, the bubbly little kid, just too brave to face everything. Whenever I looked back, I have this bitterness and anguish inside, how could this little sweet angel with a good heart has to suffer. Still, I can’t accept the kind of fate that’s written on his hand. Pain engraves a deeper memory but the goodness of God is helping me out slowly to move forward and let go. Like just any mother, I have to be remain strong.

There are certain guidelines written by Harold Sala which we can  follow to realize and experience healing of the emotions. I’m stating it as briefly as I can.

  •  Understand the nature of forgiveness- When it comes to harmonious living, no other quality, with the possible exception of love, is more needed than forgiveness. It is on our  daily routines  that the irritations of our human faults and imperfections take their toll.
  • Be sure we have sought God’s forgivenessThere are times  when failures drives us to our knees, when our own behavior  makes us realize that our hearts  are deceptive and tricky.
  •  Extend forgiveness to the one who has hurt youHow do we overcome bitterness and hatred when we have been wronged and we are absolutely convinced that we cannot forgive. By praying for the person and the circumstance as well  who has hurt us, the one we can’t forgive, the memory that burns.
  • Forgive ourselvesForgiveness is like a three-cornered hat in that there are aspects involved, and when any of them missing, forgiveness is incomplete-in relationship to God, in relationship to the offended person, in relationship to ourselves.
  • Give the bitterness of that memory to Jesus, to GodWhy should we carry the burden of  a memory which scars, when Jesus already died for the very burden we are trying to carry. Simply it’s not our responsibility.
  • Refuse to let our mind dwell on the memory that burnsSome folks live with constant bitterness and heartaches because they cling to the shattered fragments of a life that went to pieces.
  • Replace the memory that burns with the word of GodThere is therapeutic healing in the Word of God, because the Holy Spirit uses the Word to bring restoration and healing to burned-out emotions.
  • Cooperate with the Holy Spirit in your HealingIt is the nature of the Satan to ensnare, deceive, and destroy, while it is the nature of God to liberate, restore and heal.
  • Begin praising God for bringing restoration and healing to your life- Let us claim the healing.

*Individually we have  different personal opinions, beliefs, even strategies on how to  handle the “ghost” that usually devour our  mind and souls each time. My respect to each of your beliefs. May God be with us all..



9 thoughts on “Ghost…of the past

  1. Today what came into my mind was getting my 2 Daughters (3 and 4) Calmed down (First one they remember) And get them in their costumes and keep them clean till they got to Nursery here in Scotland..

    It used to NEVER bother me, although I have 2 older sons, late teens…
    Now it’s just Stress!! lol
    But good stress…

    That is what it brings to me mind..


      • TOTALLY….Keeps me sane.. lol
        My sons 21 and 19 are pains in the arse…

        But two little princess’s. WOW. Just AMAZING Watching two little people develop personalities and become someone, slowly we see it. They still use potties and nappies and fight over the EXACT same crayon where is 4 the SAME!!! But it is some experience.. I was a Dad at 17, I was there but I was a kid myself yeah? So I am 40 now, we had Courtney when I was 35 (Sigh I am getting old) Then Chloe 18 months later. It has been something else. These two girls have taught me more about life an myself than ANYTHING else could.

        Well said. Sorry to get going there.. You are spot on.

        My two Princess’s


        • Who says you’re getting old? 😀 dad at 17, so early but look at you now, with your kids around, you’re enjoying. I wish I have at least 1 girl, mine are all boys, the eldest in early teen, he’s giving me headache sometimes, :/ the youngest 6, sweet little boy, the opposite one. Wow you have 2 adorable daughters 🙂 May God bless them always


          • Good you have a family, I understand the busy issues 😀
            And when my Son’s were 14 I threw out my dictionaries and encyclopedias in the bin as them 2 knew it ALL!!
            19 and 21 now..Doesn’t change all that much..

            Parent to Parent heads up here



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