The Fairest Flower

<Weekly Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

Genuine humility isn’t something we can announce  very easily. To claim this virtue is, as a rule , to forfeit it. Humility is the fairest and rarest  flower that blooms. Put it on display and instantly it wilts and loses its fragrance!…No, humility is not something to be announced. It simply belongs in one’s life, in the private journal of one’s walk with God.

There are two simple and quick ways God says the true condition of the heart is revealed. The first is through eyes and the second is through the mouth ( Luke 6:45)…keen counselors and wise people are careful to listen words ( what is said as well as what isn’t said) and watch the eyes of others. You soon discover that the heart is like a well and the eyes and tongue are like buckets that draw water from the same well. If true humility is not in the heart, the eyes will show it.

~Charles Swindoll



Dear God,

Please show us what it means to be humble.
Then, we’ll be able to find the delicate balance
between recognizing our sinful flaws,
and knowing how much you value us.
True humility involves seeing ourselves,
as you see us, no better or worse in your sight
than anyone else but one who’s worth dying for.
No wonder true humility is the pathway
to discover how to serve you and other people.





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