Sword and His Word

EDIT god

Stabbed and deeply wounded by a sword
I was cleansed, healed by His word.
Ready now to face and fight new battle,
no longer  frightened nor I be rattled.
In every breath,  blood that would drop,
His strength lies in, I’ll never stop.


How can we move forward when we were deeply disappointed by certain circumstance? Do we simply pretend that nothing happened? -when our heart aches with pain; when we are afraid that there’ll be a repeat performance of that certain situation that broke our heart and robbed our peace of mind.



8 thoughts on “Sword and His Word

  1. Good questions! I am reading just this morning, WAKING THE DEAD, and the chapter on Deep Restoration which aptly applies to this issue you surface here.

    There are broken places to be mended. Pain to be healed. Much work left to do. Much blessing to come.

    Have a blessed day!


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