<Reflection-Prayer Poetry>

Following the will of God requires faith and action, which in turn call for risk and release. This is where things get very personal; this is where we persevere and flesh out the will of God.

I have come to this conclusion: Doing the will of God is rarely easy and uncomplicated. Instead, it is often difficult and convulated. Or…mystrerious. Because we don’t know where He is taking us, we must bend our wills to His-and most of us are not all that excited about bending, We’d much prefer resisting. That’s why Christian life is often such a struggle. I don’t mean that it’s a constant marathon of misery. It’s just a struggle  between our will and His will. Someday, when we are caught up with the Lord in glory, we will be finally all the things we have longed to be. Until then, we live in this never ending tension of give and take, push and pull

~Charles Swindoll



Dear Lord,

Sometimes your will for us seems so hard to know,
too often, we’re  expecting you to reveal something special,
ignore the revelation you’ve already given in your word.
We believe you created us for  a specific purpose,
until that becomes clear, may we follow the areas you’ve already laid out,
as we wait for you to reveal what you want us specifically to do.
Strengthen us to be obedient to the things you call every person to do.
Then, if we happen to miss your direction for a specific task,
we won’t have missed your direction for everyday life.
May we never forget that obedience to your Word is your will for us.






3 thoughts on “OUR WILL or GOD’S WILL?

  1. I’m not sure where my next destination is (Career). However, He does. So, here I wait and trust, and it’s not always easy; you’re right.


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