Let Me!

The world dances behind every laughter and smile,
as dove hovering beneath the sky tells not to cry.
The comfort touch of that cool breeze on your face,
the rustling leaves as it whisper so loud and say.
My deep love will always give you hope and strength,
we’re gonna chase the sun, let me hold your hand .



7 thoughts on “Let Me!

  1. Reblogged this on My Sanctuary… and commented:
    as the rhythm dances
    she winds up the wind
    wrapping them with her fingers
    decorating them onto her violin
    creating ecstasy as one watches
    and joy pound within arteries
    as hearts that wish for more…


      • I love violin a lot and especially if it is combined with piano… I have watched a few concert recordings online before and they were mesmerizing 🙂 I guess there is no limit to creativity and art in every way is very deep and profound. I always feel like the more I try to know the less I end up knowing. Weird, isn’t it?


        • It’s refreshing to listen if this two combined 🙂 we, humans , have this so- called inner art, we always explore, seek new ideas to be different, we always want more.


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