A Kind of Joy That Is….

Sunday morning after church,  while having breakfast at McDonalds, I read  an article in a newspaper handed  by my husband. I could see sadness in his eyes when he asked me to read it, written by a  12 year old girl student. Her story touched our hearts, young as she is, she understands life so clearly., …we couldn’t hold back our tears recalling we were once in same place, same time with our little boy years ago, <now he’s in Heaven>.  I let my eldest son read this too.. image _


FINDING JOY IN SUNBURNS….. By Justine Christie C. Buhia

I felt the burning heat of the fiery sun on my skin last April 26. It was the day that I spent a special time with my family instead of playing computer games. It was the day that we went  to one of the nice beach resorts  in Samal Island. image The clear, blue sea caught my attention first. My cousins and I went to the seashore and we swam in them. We cracked jokes and shared to each other our experiences in school while swimming. I realized that it has been so long since we talked  to each other like this. We also borrowed a boat that fisherman use. My cousins and I took turns in paddling it. We only took breaks to head to the open cottage and grab food to fill our hungry stomach. It was an exhilarating adventure even it was a simple activity. I still remember how burnt our skins were after the trip. My skin would sting with just a little touch. Yet, there was not a moment that I regretted about the trip. It was the joy that we shared that I remembered rather than the sunburns. It was special because  we did it in the memory of my baby brother. Two years ago, we were on the same beach with my then one-year-old brother. I still remembered the spot where we both played. I still remember how he unconsciously splashed water at me with his tiny little hands. He is gone but I believe he was by our side when we went to the beach. He gathered us and made our family share beautiful memories together. It strengthened our bond with each other. I learned that there are greater joys in this world that is more than what any material things can never give. Summer happens once in a while and it gives us the opportunity to make the most out of it. It is up to us to make the best of what we have.


This young writer is right, summer happens once in a while, it gives us the opportunity, the chance to make the most of it with the people we love, life is too short…

Hold people you care, in your heart today,

give your time. act now, don’t delay,

time flies swiftly, life passes by so quickly,  

~ Nodz    

A blessed weekend 🙏❤️


4 thoughts on “A Kind of Joy That Is….

  1. How this article touched your hearts meant a lot to me and my family too. We lost our precious baby boy a year ago but we believe in our hearts that he’s now in heaven in God’s loving embrace. Thank you for your thoughts in this article…I admire your strength and grace. God bless you and your family.

    Genela Buhia
    Justine’s mother


    • Hi Genela, I’m sorry to hear that, there are no words really to describe the pain of losing a child, so deep, each day of moving forward is a battle, yeah, they’re in Heaven now, secure in God’s hand, one day in His time, we all be together. Sending love to you and your family, hi to Justine 🙂 ❤️


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