Never Judge



Most often we based things on our first impression, we tend to judge or criticize them right away. Yesterday I went to a salon to have a haircut, the last one I had last summer I could say, a disaster, my hair was badly layered. I’ve waited a few months to grow and  have it fix again. This time it’s a male hairstylist who did, I  never been tried in a male hairstylist before. I got scared and doubted, though I gave my instructions, he was able to do it the way I wanted and I learned from other salon staff, he was one of the best, well I should  say ” never judge a book by it’s cover”, just a thought! 🙂

~ Nodz


Empty Words

She entered a holy place, she looked around,
different emotions standing on the ground.
She was carrying a heavy load inside her head.
a heart with a story, pain and tears she shed.
God’s hymn echoed, a guiding light we all seek,
to heal and strengthen us when we’re weak.

She felt an angel sat beside, imagining the face,
the Heaven sent this angel to show her the way.
She could hardly utter a word, didn’t know why,
all things bottled up in a corner down inside.
A heart in silence, she knows God understands,
One who sees, touched her pain with His hands.



Sometimes it’s difficult to pray, this happens when life is hard and things are too much to bear but God sees, listens and understands.




The Promise

I dreamt of you last night, we were together,
watching  fireflies, chasing them around.
You’re laughing, your eyes were so tender,
you told me something, I wrote it down.

Stay close and wrap me with that promise,
hide inside my silent heart, don’t leave.
Speak through the breeze, hear me please,
this soul aches, your love I ever need.




You’re My Shelter

You’re the words that living inside,
spreading my wings to fly, soar high.
You are my escape, my shelter,
you’ve given the dying heart a new life.
Alone in my world, you’re beside,
your beautiful thoughts, keeps me alive.
Even you’re just a shadow from afar,
you ingnite this weary mind with fire.
Your eyes that speaks a thousands,
a soul that’s full of love and emotions.



Just a piece of writing can capture a heart, inspire and motivate. This one  particular blog I often visit to check and read had helped me through the most difficult times in my life. His words are so impressive and full of wisdom. Thank you beautiful soul.


The Storm

You’ve blown it with your anger,
wound you inflicted, too deep.
I heard you screaming somewhere,
fiercely dragged us and ripped.
Were you telling us something?
a message, reminding us to think.


I took this vid at home, in veranda during the typhoon, we were  intensely hit  last July 16, 2014. Thank God my family was safe, prayers for those affected. I could relate this in life, whenever we experience storms, the moment it roll in, it give us an important message, to be more prayerful to strengthen our faith and trust to God.


I Can Hear You

The silence in between I can read your story,
fears dripping from the eyes, your mind screams.
At a lost for words, drowning in a memory,
you hide yourself, sits alone longingly dreams.
I can’t find words to say, strength to begin,
but my heart’s with you, give me all your tears.
When darkness is upon your door, let me in,
I’ll be by your side, we will wait till sun appears.




Most of the time when we’re in deep pain, we hide in silence, the people who can hear the pain  or listens to  what’s not being said are the ones who truly care and  understand.



Little Things That Are Big


We seldomly realize how big, little things are until it all gone, passed,
life’s too short, hold on to people so dear, you care about today.
Never waste any time, savor each moment,  they may gone in a flash.
Hug them, never forget to tell them your three words everyday.
Time flies,  goes by so quickly, people go, only one thing will remain,
not a small thing, one that stands alone, Love, that explains all.






Dear Diary,

Sundays are what they are meant to be: spending quality time with family. Our Sunday was spent outside, letting our lil soldier to choose and decide where he wants to go first, since I had an appointment with my dentist at 3 pm, it has to be done. We left the house around 11 am and had to bring the kids first for a lunch then in  an hour or two, we’re going straight to their favorite place.. The one last request of our lil soldier before we left ,  two toy gun he’s eyeing since he first saw those, then a fruity mentos / tictac candy and a small blue rosary. A blue Rosary- I’m still thinking and wondering up to now, why he requested . He wore it after I paid it. We went straight to the dentist afterwards, then  reminded us all of a sudden that we will be gonna late for the Holy Mass. For a little kid, it’s unusual and strange to do such things. He was well behaved inside the church, just listening and singing, he never complained for the first time though he whispered he’s feeling hungry, he just waited. There was this annointing of oil after, he participated along with dad and his older brother and told me to annoint as well. I could felt then how Raik misses simple things like this. Most of the time, we spent Sundays in hospital, every week. When on our way home after dinner, he whispered something and smilingly said; “I’m happy mom, all done” then he kissed me. Couldn’t hold back my tears. I hugged him and I said; “We will have plenty of next time I promise.




***My  last entry in my open diary dated December 2, 2013, the following week my lil soldier  earned his wings..


One’s Story

In hidden depths,
of one’s soul.
In secret chamber,
where no one knows.
In hearts we find,
pain so deep as sea.
Beneath the mind
we want to be free.

Thing we can’t let go,
here down inside.
Piece of story untold,
recurrently remind.
Clashing and fuming,
we chase for peace.
In silence, we just hide,
we drop tears to release.




Everyone has a story…inside…


Love Letter


Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/ive-earned-my-wings-im-sorry-mommy-i-left-you-so-soon#ixzz35vUTa9Rx

***Out of the blue I found this poem while surfing the net, written by somebody in behalf of his lost little brother. The message struck me to the core, missing my son terribly lately, this could be his message from Heaven…I thought about writing a response…


If only I had a wand, in a swoosh, I could let you stay
a time machine maybe, our moments I can replay.
An old lamp with a genie, all three wishes would be you.
or a power to turn back time, things I could undo.
Life isn’t fairytale, do not always have a happy ending,
we have God who decides and knows everything.
I love you so dearly son, I may not understand why you left,
I know you love me so much, it will be my strength.
God’s taking care of you now, no more pain, even fears,
I’ll be fine, in God’s time, you’ll no longer see my tears.
I’m not brave as you were, mom will always try to be one,
yes, I will meet you soon , when my work here is done.
I will be taking care of daddy, your big brother, don’t worry,
as you always say, we’re one in heart, it’s our family story.
Thank you so much my angel, keep watching us from Above,
you’ll always be missed and remembered my forever love.
I love you so much baby ❤️

Love, Your Mommy   “Nodz”


Tala *~

The state of my heart
The place where we are
Was written in the stars….



“A star falls from the sky and into your hands. Then it seeps through your veins and swims inside your blood and becomes every part of you. And then you have to put it back into the sky. And it’s the most painful thing you’ll ever have to do and that you’ve ever done. But what’s yours is yours. Whether it’s up in the sky or here in your hands. And one day, it’ll fall from the sky and hit you in the head real hard and that time, you won’t have to put it back in the sky again.”
― C. JoyBell C.


A Flash of Light


In creeping darkness, life is but a passing dream
for the lost ones, we can cast even a tiny light.
to rekindle their lost faith, hopeless it may seem
will enliven their journey, recover hopes in life.



As we grope in darkness, “what do we want most? LIGHT! We want direction and illumination. Darkness reminds us of our oppressive, burdensome need. It feels heavy even though it’s intangible. Only light, which also intangible, pushes the feeling away, it provides relief. A  chat with a close friend, talking about  common topics , food to places to scary things then to a simple thing – a flashlight..“FLASHLIGHT”. If we will relate this in life, the importance of this is not just  simple- In our lives we can be a “flashlight” to anyone, we don’t need to be big to be effective, we just have to be “on” when someone needs a light in dark moment. A flashlight draws power from batteries and we , draw power to God. As a light we dissipate fear , bring relief and lift spirits.Don’t keep the switch off or hold back as though our batteries have run down. Our source is the glorious “Light Invisible”. Being switched on pleases God.