Love Letter



***Out of the blue I found this poem while surfing the net, written by somebody in behalf of his lost little brother. The message struck me to the core, missing my son terribly lately, this could be his message from Heaven…I thought about writing a response…


If only I had a wand, in a swoosh, I could let you stay
a time machine maybe, our moments I can replay.
An old lamp with a genie, all three wishes would be you.
or a power to turn back time, things I could undo.
Life isn’t fairytale, do not always have a happy ending,
we have God who decides and knows everything.
I love you so dearly son, I may not understand why you left,
I know you love me so much, it will be my strength.
God’s taking care of you now, no more pain, even fears,
I’ll be fine, in God’s time, you’ll no longer see my tears.
I’m not brave as you were, mom will always try to be one,
yes, I will meet you soon , when my work here is done.
I will be taking care of daddy, your big brother, don’t worry,
as you always say, we’re one in heart, it’s our family story.
Thank you so much my angel, keep watching us from Above,
you’ll always be missed and remembered my forever love.
I love you so much baby ❤️

Love, Your Mommy   “Nodz”


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