Little Things That Are Big


We seldomly realize how big, little things are until it all gone, passed,
life’s too short, hold on to people so dear, you care about today.
Never waste any time, savor each moment,  they may gone in a flash.
Hug them, never forget to tell them your three words everyday.
Time flies,  goes by so quickly, people go, only one thing will remain,
not a small thing, one that stands alone, Love, that explains all.






Dear Diary,

Sundays are what they are meant to be: spending quality time with family. Our Sunday was spent outside, letting our lil soldier to choose and decide where he wants to go first, since I had an appointment with my dentist at 3 pm, it has to be done. We left the house around 11 am and had to bring the kids first for a lunch then in  an hour or two, we’re going straight to their favorite place.. The one last request of our lil soldier before we left ,  two toy gun he’s eyeing since he first saw those, then a fruity mentos / tictac candy and a small blue rosary. A blue Rosary- I’m still thinking and wondering up to now, why he requested . He wore it after I paid it. We went straight to the dentist afterwards, then  reminded us all of a sudden that we will be gonna late for the Holy Mass. For a little kid, it’s unusual and strange to do such things. He was well behaved inside the church, just listening and singing, he never complained for the first time though he whispered he’s feeling hungry, he just waited. There was this annointing of oil after, he participated along with dad and his older brother and told me to annoint as well. I could felt then how Raik misses simple things like this. Most of the time, we spent Sundays in hospital, every week. When on our way home after dinner, he whispered something and smilingly said; “I’m happy mom, all done” then he kissed me. Couldn’t hold back my tears. I hugged him and I said; “We will have plenty of next time I promise.




***My  last entry in my open diary dated December 2, 2013, the following week my lil soldier  earned his wings..


11 thoughts on “Little Things That Are Big

    • Thank you for the comfort, I appreciate it so much, I thank God for giving us an angel, such a blessing, and I want to share this to everybody, I know he’s happy now up there with God. 🙂


          • I agree with you. Sometimes we are given heartaches that help others as well. I am a breast cancer survivor among other things and I have tried to help others who are enduring illnesses. Just knowing you are not alone helps tremendously I think. That and the simple statement that ‘I understand.” xo

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            • Anything is possible if we just believe, my son has this rare vascular syndrome, went through surgeries and transfusions, it was tough but it made us strong, he was a happy boy with a big heart. My promise is to continue what he taught me, to comfort people who had the same battle. Let’s pray continuously for strength, faith and hope. 🙂 May you always have a good health. ❤


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