I Can Hear You

The silence in between I can read your story,
fears dripping from the eyes, your mind screams.
At a lost for words, drowning in a memory,
you hide yourself, sits alone longingly dreams.
I can’t find words to say, strength to begin,
but my heart’s with you, give me all your tears.
When darkness is upon your door, let me in,
I’ll be by your side, we will wait till sun appears.




Most of the time when we’re in deep pain, we hide in silence, the people who can hear the pain  or listens to  what’s not being said are the ones who truly care and  understand.



5 thoughts on “I Can Hear You

      • Yeaah me too sometimes I see his photos. Well, I am doing fine here. Just take my maternity leave till my baby born in mid September. Now I am totally leave my work and office matters and just doing housewife task 🙂


        • Time flies so fast, seems like yesterday, he’s still here laughing, singing, smiling, despite of the pricks he will undergo, he’s in a good place and in good hands of our Savior, no more harm, no more ouchies. That’s great you’re at home now, resting, away from work stress, I’m praying for your safe delivery soon, a healthy mom and a baby. I’ll get in touch with you soon. take care, God bless


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