You Are My Song

The silence is creeping in, no one is around,
I hear you gently whispers, melody surrounds.
This heart is throbbing, is it real or a dream?
drown in pain, tears, drifted down the stream.

You light up a fire, woke me up from a sleep,
your song soothes beyond, it touches me deep.
I thank God above you are here, never leaves,
you painted a blue sky over spirit that grieves.

Calming the chaos, fixing clutter in my head,
my broken wing, now secured, ready to spread.
The groove, it makes me want to listen more,
the tempo gives strength, it hit me to the core.

Thank you for your heart with a beautiful song,
hear me out, a glance I could carry as I go along.
Some may come, stay and go but I don’t mind,
in my road, there’s a song and soul intertwined.





There’s an article I read “Why Not Everyone Will Be There For You When You’re Grieving or Now I Know Who My Real Friends Are” by Kristie West, she answered most of my questions… how far would we go  for a love and  friendship, even in  the most darkest of times…when one is  grieving…a real friend is like a song…



4 thoughts on “You Are My Song

  1. You brought tears in my eyes again, Nodz. People don’t know how to act with loss, so they turn away from you. They don’t realize that it is helpfull only to be around. I once was like that too, I didn’t know what to say, didn’t want to hurt the person who lost someone, didn’t want to open the subject death, it was a very complexed issue for me, but when someone said to me ‘thank you for just being here’ my eyes opened. So now I don’t walk away anymore, but just being here 🙂 Big Hug ❤


    • Yeah 🙂 I understand better now, thank you so much again, for sharing, that helps a lot, I appreciate so much your comfort each time. Big hug too and God bless your good heart.<3


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