The Ray of Light

New ray of light slowly coming out somewhere,
breathing now the peace, finding my way back.
Such a lonely road, a long journey I traveled,
I don’t want to go back anymore from that track.
The smiles of strangers, I’m starting to notice,
hearing their voices in the air now, its very clear.
I look ahead to all the dreams once I made,
will hold on hope again, I am no longer afraid.




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2 thoughts on “The Ray of Light

    • Thank you again, yeah hope is a waking dream, lots of friends saying that my angel Raik and I are so much alike, our eyes, he’s a very sweet boy with a big heart,so brave, bubbly, so attached with people, he’s like a living angel then, as my aunt told me, I never seen boy like that, I guess the reason why it’s so hard letting him go. A wonderful day to you too my dear friend ❤ 🙂


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