My Sun

You are there hiding beneath dark gray cloud,
pouring out your tears, showing off your eyes.
Concealed inside your shell, away from crowd,
I’m counting every each drop as my heart dies.
How long will I wait, for you to listen, hear me.
mind turns, my spirit yearns, please come back.




I am missing the sunshine, been weeks now we’re experiencing heavy rainfall. Sad to see people affected with floods, same with life storm, we hope, we pray, we wait for the sun to rise in our lives.


2 thoughts on “My Sun

  1. I can so relate to that, Nodz. I love the comparison that the sun is crying, that affects me deeply. I can use some sun too in my life right now, from the outside as well as the inside. Sometimes it’s hard to get, but praying always helps 🙂


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