Love Will Lead

Whenever we close our eyes, our story begins,
we can run miles to miles, use our wings,
will travel far, into time, places we never been,
we no longer feel the part of us that cries,
breaking the chain of seeing the hurt and lies,
no young, no old, no war, no more grieving.
no more fighting, only peace and love is leading,
putting anguish aside, throwing away hate.
Watching this world, I want to drown my sorrow,
any chance to change this man-made fate?




My heart breaks whenever I watch the world in CNN, sometimes I rather just close my eyes and think the other way around. If only I could do something to stop the war, heal deadly diseases, change the world into a better place to live… I thinking too weird to carry the burden of this world? …May God bless the earth.




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