My Promise

You are the brightest light of any candle
the tiny glow illuminates my lost soul.
My heart succumbs, this mind submits,
oh dear angel, my strength, my peace
One day I’ll walk beside through your light,
with you in paradise, we’ll gonna meet.




Missing an angel……



2 thoughts on “My Promise

  1. I miss my angel too Nodz…each passing day…sometimes with a smile, at times with tears. Missing that tender face and yearning to feel his presence are the silent screams of prayers in my heart. I also dream of that day…the promise.

    Sending you whispers of strength and grace….
    God bless.



    • Hi Genela, when I wrote this just this morning, I was lighting a candle for Raik, how much we try to smile and laugh, it always comes along with a pain inside …..Send my hello to Justine 🙂 God bless


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