The Love In Your Eyes

Love is a heartbeat thing, it needs no quotes,
a warm touch of magic, like a song from Heaven.
Fathomless depths of feelings and emotions,
as when eyes, heart meet, there’s a sudden notion.
It screams to the core, it shoots like an arrow,
strength it gives, such a comfort, we’ll be relieved.



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I tripped and fell on my knee last night, I panicked, ran and screamed. I was attacked by a flying cockroach, so disgusting. It was really a painful fall and I couldn’t get up, my dog “Kimi” heard me, hurriedly ran to rescue. I was touched, he killed the cockroach, then licked my knees and just sat beside till I was able to manage myself to stand up. Love is really a powerful thing. I remember my little angel now in Heaven, probably, he will do the same if he’s still here. 

*Thank you so much  “Kimi” my sweetheart dog 🙂



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