Ghost…of the past

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What comes in our mind when we hear the word halloween?  Ghosts, souls, spirits, spooky houses are the common things, scary movies can be added. I won’t be talking more of  this halloween things but instead the other ghost. I may call it, the ghost of the past –Memories that burn that come back to haunt and rob our peace of mind. Let me share something about my little boy, young as four years old, he went  through five major surgeries already. It was extremely distressing  traumatic but apparently for him seems it was nothing. Still, the bubbly little kid, just too brave to face everything. Whenever I looked back, I have this bitterness and anguish inside, how could this little sweet angel with a good heart has to suffer. Still, I can’t accept the kind of fate that’s written on his hand. Pain engraves a deeper memory but the goodness of God is helping me out slowly to move forward and let go. Like just any mother, I have to be remain strong.

There are certain guidelines…

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3 thoughts on “Ghost…of the past

  1. My tears just fall everytime you talk about your little angel.. You’re a very strong person. If that was me, I think I’d fall apart and never recover. I’m just a reader, and have never met your angel, but …. it always breaks my heart.


    • Friends say I am but honestly inside it’s a battle, it’s tough, my heart still breaking and missing him so much but I need to remain strong for the family. Thank you again for dropping and reading , I appreciate it so much. God bless:)


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