Feeling’s Back


The glow in your eyes gently soothe the soul,
feeling the warmth of your touch, my heart leaps up,
Your love completes me and you make me whole,
but this is just a memory now hanging tightly wrapped.
Mind’s racing, again,the song plays, pulling me back,
hiding my feeling, the tears of longing as I walk a mile.
Mind speaks while heart grieves, I miss your smile.


6 thoughts on “Feeling’s Back

    • Hi Karina! 😀 happy to see you as well , such a long time and I really miss this blog. I’m good, I’ve been slightly busy with new things 🙂 taking care of two adorable dogs, a poodle and Lhasa Apso at the same time attending and joining acitivities like dog events. How are you? your baby?


        • 🙂 Oh really, seems it was only yesterday you walked in an isle then became mom and now soon your baby’s turning one, wish him good health always ❤ it’s fun having dogs, giving such a comfort and happiness, my red poodle is so sweet, it was Mikko’s wish to have one actually. Hug Andrew for me 🙂 Wish I could meet you guys

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