I Won’t Give Up



The road is steep, rough and the way is too dark,

wind is fiercely blowing  while silence is screaming.

This tired aching feet is telling; “you need to stop”

but my heart and mind whispering a different thing.

I must find the light, that searing light I once had,

love that awakened my soul, ignited my whole being.




My Prayer…

Fierce hearts and the floating bitterness,
pain was immense, my soul is deeply crying.
Calm every fears, soothe our weariness,
the world is chained by fire, we are all dying.

Praying to you God, I indeed seen heartaches,
where is peace hiding, where is your light?
Hear our voices, sorrows we can no longer take,
give us “YOUR” strength, to continue our fight.


*Praying for Davao City (Philippines)  bomb victims…