ABC Award and The Versatile Blogger Award



Thanking  gegebearbear  for nominating me with this awards, feel blessed and honor to receive again . I’ve been busy this past few weeks and wasn’t able to pass some awards that was given to me. Do check , good  informations  we can get  and benefit from the stories posted, I personally  love reading this blog, not only that I can relate but it gives me awareness. May God bless us all.

The ABC Award requires  to state word or a phrase about myself for each of the English alphabets, kinda hard but need to try, here it goes:
A- Dream of visiting AUSTRALIA someday
B- One of my favorite “BANANA CAKE”
C- My day won’t start without “COFFEE”
D- My favorite flower “DAISY”
E- I like eating EGGS-sunny side up- my favorite
F- Whenever I see FLOWERS , some kind of peace I feel
G-I do believe in GHOST, something I am so scared , I had some experience.
H- Dreaming of owning a HUSKY dog one day, since I’m living in a  building condominium, not a good place I think
I-I love ICING, the first thing I eat in a cake
J- I consider myself a one woman juggler
K- we have this variety of sweets here in our country we call “KAKANIN” love it!
L- LOVE is something we should always spread
M- Mikko my dear precious little one, I love so much
N-NOTHING is impossible with GOD, I truly believe
O-Hate slicing ONIONS
P-My passion POETRY
Q- My favorite breakfast “QUAKER BANANA OATS”
R- RYAN FARISH-my favorite Electronic Artist love his music, no day without his music
S- when things are tough I’ll just look above night STARS, I’ll feel better
T-When I’m tense just a cup of TEA,
U- One should never forget when sky is gloomy UMBRELLA
W-One of my favorite 80’s song WISHFUL THINKING reminds me of my old close friend Neil who passed away years ago.
X- XYLOPHONES, my favorite instrument, soothes my nerves
Y-dreaming of owning a YACHT hmmm..
Z- Love Zebras

I am passing this awards to the following:


God bless26


4 thoughts on “ABC Award and The Versatile Blogger Award

  1. I’m completely at awe that you feel so highly about my work. I’ve ventured into your beautiful world many times and have been astounded by the amazing complexities of your poetry. To receive this honor from you, and to in such prestigious company is an amazing acknowledgement. Thank you, Nodz. It’s a privilege to be a part of your world.


    • Thank you so much for your compliment 🙂 feel blessed, your work as well, poems you’ve written are beautiful. I might need one night to explore everything, been busy these days. Enjoy the award, let’s keep writing to inspire. 🙂 God speed.


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