My Wishes and Dreams



In peace, staring at the milion stars, lies my very heart,
looking for ones that appear the brightest, my wishes.
Putting my soul into, to believe, this plays the big part,
even how long I walk just to cross a thousand bridges.

The shimmering light be my lead, remind me each night,
and an angel to watch, I’m praying not to leave my side.
Touch my hand, lift my faith, let my dream hold me tight,
I will never never give up, God and Heaven be my guide.



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I remember vividly the very first time,
how I poured out my emotions to write.
It was for somebody I never really knew,
words real, simply describe what’s true.
Down inside the chamber of my soul,
the finest feeling , a part of me got stole.
Wish it’s real, not just an illusion to lose,
not my imaginary but one I can choose.



Castles in the Air

There are times we think  If  we could only  stay in a certain place for just about a few minutes, just be there to take a break or rest our minds where we won’t be thinking or remember anything in our real world for a while. But we know it would be impossible, this life’s with us wherever, day and night. 


edit dreamig

Such a long tiring day,
finally now sitting.
Hear clock ticking
mind starts wandering .
Castles in the air,
our hidden affair.
Whispering,”what if ?”
And “how is it to be?”.
Visions, new things
places we wanna see.
Music floating in air ,
calming down senses.
Lose touch with reality
for ten minutes or more,
we feel relaxed enough
to go back to real world.



My Dreams

loonapix_13770420233096674650 (1)

You were my best buddy,
some years back.
together we chased thoughts,
around the clock.
Colored butterflies flying over,
the  mustard fields.
Streams below rainbow falls,
splendidly flow.
We didn’t part even just once,
my ever flaming light.
Anywhere, everywhere  I go,
a  twin shadow behind.
Seasons change,
you were slowly dimishing,
Surrounded by doubts,
I can see you now leaving.
My dreams don’t go,
I come to God, fervently asking.




If only I could…..

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Close your eyes,
hold me your hand,
will take you far,
somewhere in place,
your fanciful idea,
to travel out in space,
to your dreamland,
stars we’ll gonna chase.
No tears, free from pain,
this is my promise,
my hands be the light,
nothing to worry about,
just trust me,
“Are you ready?”
Now, we need to hurry .

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Chalk of life

Got inspired by this American animated television series ChalkZone , the series follows Rudy Tabootie, an elementary school student whose magic chalk allows him into the ChalkZone, an alternate dimension where everything drawn on a blackboard and erased becomes real.  I  was watching last night and something popped into my head…


If given two
magic chalks
to draw a thing,
write anything.
First will be a pair
of wings flapping,
to fly, soar high
so as to give this
little fantasy a try.
It’s like reaching
a wishful dream,
only waiting for
a light to gleam.
Second is a word
PEACE to touch
a troubled heart,
yearns for love,
hurting  much.
Imagine a world,
without  fears
It’s a beautiful place
to stay and settle in.

Oh magical chalk
If you’re only real….

.(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Painted Thoughts

We all have hidden desires, longings, dreams , wishes even fantasies that holds inside, our minds may  say, “it’s impossible” but our hearts always  hopes and  will insist,  “it’s possible”, soon one day may be…



I painted my wall with an endless thoughts of beautiful colors
Keeping each and every shade, the way I want it to be
Above the night sky I have my own stars
Counting each one that glitters afar
The twinkling lights be the way, their numbers be my guide
I will embrace tightly what my heart speaks and desire
Will lock it here deep inside that fires
Season may change, one day may all be
Never to drop and continue to perceive
Dreams and wishes to always believe.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~