My Prayer…

Fierce hearts and the floating bitterness,
pain was immense, my soul is deeply crying.
Calm every fears, soothe our weariness,
the world is chained by fire, we are all dying.

Praying to you God, I indeed seen heartaches,
where is peace hiding, where is your light?
Hear our voices, sorrows we can no longer take,
give us “YOUR” strength, to continue our fight.


*Praying for Davao City (Philippines)  bomb victims…



Shutting my eyes, sensing the melancholic stillness gripping the place,
I could hear silence and this thought starts racing to nothing.
I am thinking what the Heaven looks like, to feel an angel’s embrace,
let me hear the sound of the golden trumpet and the bells ringing.

As the wind flows through my veins, this sorrow marches out of the way,
there’s a spark of hope, I feel a river moving in my soul, a relief.
His wisdom speaks, a gentle voice that says, be calm, don’t be dismayed.
A rare quiet moment alone, thanking ABOVE, it eases the pain and grief.




Taken from our place *hometown (personally captured) last March it’s a mountain resort, such a beautiful place to visit, so refreshing, I sat there for hours and just savored the moment alone…




Your Journey…My Words….


Do feel and listen to what it really says,
a loud thumping sound of a horse’s hoof.
Continous, running, a story that plays,
a fast beat, till it screams to wall and roof.

Whisper it to Heaven, tell all your fears,
It shed the rays of grace, breathe, be still.
It will embrace you, wipe all your tears.
God’s comfort, His hands you would feel.

Soul will be lifted, new song will be sung,
you will hear angel’s hum inside your heart.
Don’t give up, hear it from my own tongue,
been there, just stay, wait and never depart.



Your Holiness

For Pope Francis:

As I gazed on that bright white dress, the Heaven opened,
holiness speaks, the love and mercy of Christ has shown.
The crowd was rejoicing, eyes on the sky, faith strengthen,
hearing God’s messages penetrates down the very soul.
I lift my hands to you O God, thanking you, bless this man,
as he continues to spread Your words, guide your servant.

It was truly amazing and an unforgettable experience to witness Papal’s visit . Our dear Pope Francis thank you for visiting Philippines❤️ Salamat sa malasakit 🙏




My List Of Things



Image Source: inspirationwordslove.tumblr.com


I am now starting filling up another blank page,
Give more love, fear less and continue to dream.

As the Heaven reminds me to keep up good deeds,
and be grateful enough even for little blessings.

I must add more faith and patience in every storm,
God will be my light and guide, my burning torch.

In each tick of the clock, I will make the most of it,
to bring more beauty, share goodness, hope to see.




Along Our Way

One message God’s want to convey,
our faith and trust we must take.
Life’s road’s may be steep and rough,
just follow His trail and be tough.
There’ll be tears and pain along the way
he will cover us through these rain.
His invisible hands to lead and guide,
in our trip ahead, He’ll stay beside.



My Dearest One,

No matter what your circumstances or how you have handled them up till now, no matter what you have done or not done, I love you. I see your every tear. I hear your every cry for help. I feel your every heartache, your every sorrow, your every frustration, your every worry even your happiness. I know your every desire. I see straight through to your heart of hearts and all that is in it, and I love you more deeply than you can possibly comprehend.
I see your struggles and I want to help. Life is often a struggle, but it is made so much easier when you spiritually connect with ME. I have all the love and comfort and peace and solutions you seek. I can transform turmoil, emptiness, and disappointment into peace, plenty, and love. I am right here at your side waiting patiently for you to reach out to Me so I can relieved your troubled mind, dry your tears, and show you how much I love you. I’m just right by your side…

From your friend JESUS- with Love




A letter of Jesus I found and read  from an old magazine (Activated) while cleaning up our room and the pictures I got from a video from a song “The name lives on by David Phelps.. I’m sharing this to everyone. 🙂



Empty Words

She entered a holy place, she looked around,
different emotions standing on the ground.
She was carrying a heavy load inside her head.
a heart with a story, pain and tears she shed.
God’s hymn echoed, a guiding light we all seek,
to heal and strengthen us when we’re weak.

She felt an angel sat beside, imagining the face,
the Heaven sent this angel to show her the way.
She could hardly utter a word, didn’t know why,
all things bottled up in a corner down inside.
A heart in silence, she knows God understands,
One who sees, touched her pain with His hands.



Sometimes it’s difficult to pray, this happens when life is hard and things are too much to bear but God sees, listens and understands.




The Kind of Love

I’ve been like a song without melody for a bit,
wiltered like a flower without drop of rain.
You suddenly stepped into this soul in a blink,
everything’s change, it unlocked the chain.
You continuously flowing, pulling me closer,
your love light me up, brightens dark night.




“Though we are incomplete, God loves us completely. Though we are imperfect, He loves us perfectly. Though we may feel lost and without compass, God’s love encompasses us completely. … He loves every one of us, even those who are flawed, rejected, awkward, sorrowful, or broken.”
― Dieter F. Uchtdorf



God Changes..

Trying to hold  the sand,  it just slipped through my  hand,
capturing  rainbow’s beauty,  but it disappeared so instantly.
Some things don’t always work out the way we want or plan,
it’s always God alone  has the final say, He handles differently.
We may succumb to thoughts of sadness,  bitterness or anger
think of a season, it changes,  continue relying on His power.





Life moves fast in a blink of an eye, things change,
we pray, we hope but God’s plan will prevail.
We may not understand, His purpose seems strange,
we’ll be shaken, dragged, we may feel..”I failed”
Keep the faith, hold His hand, be strong and keep trying,
His purpose.. “I’ll reveal in my time, keep trusting”



Sword and His Word

EDIT god

Stabbed and deeply wounded by a sword
I was cleansed, healed by His word.
Ready now to face and fight new battle,
no longer  frightened nor I be rattled.
In every breath,  blood that would drop,
His strength lies in, I’ll never stop.


How can we move forward when we were deeply disappointed by certain circumstance? Do we simply pretend that nothing happened? -when our heart aches with pain; when we are afraid that there’ll be a repeat performance of that certain situation that broke our heart and robbed our peace of mind.



Heaven’s Bell


On my way home rushing, I heard  a soft cling-clang
With a beautiful voice, it echoes as He sang.
Each word rhymes with hope, blended with firm faith,
a golden kind of light had surrounded, I was bathe.
I halted, savored it for a while, Your wisdom had spoken
It freed me, renewed this heart that just got broken.


It was 5 am, I was on my way home from hospital so exhausted , a sound of a  church bell I heard somewhere had given me this different kind of feeling of hope and strength,  I know it was Him speaking to me….



Without You

So many things rob us of peace-conflict, uncertainty, busyness, worry, fear, tragedy. How can we have peace amid so much turmoil?

God, we want to have the quiet, unshakable peace that comes from placing our trust fully in you, the same peace that allowed us to go to the cross on our behalf. Help us to rest in the knowledge that our treasure is truly in Heaven. Praying for my fellow men who had been affected by the recent tragedy. May you give them strength and faith to move on. They may find peace in you by trusting in your power and greatness , and those who lost their lives,  may  their souls rest in peace.  Amen



Living Mission


Can’t stand to look around the hated place,
loud ,strange voices floating ,echoing on air.
Flooded tears, sadness wrapped in darkness,
all stuck in room, everything seems hopeless.
There’s this tiny voice I heard  somewhere,
saying, spread your faith, trust they must take
In God there’s strength, healing in heartbreak


This time our  hospital stay was different, we’re able to share God’s goodness, miraculous ways and strength to a family we met and our little soldier was being used by God to cheer up their 2 year old boy with a serious illness, I thank God, He had given us a real angel , though he’s struggling too, but his amazing bravery inspires.



Special Note


A special note will no longer be written in pen,
typed over screen, stating my phrases and send.
Words drenched in deep emotions, fully overflow
pressing out , conveying thoughts I want to show.
God will be my messenger , my love He’ll carry.
in deep corner, somewhere in my heart , all bury.
In wind you will feel , in falling rain you will hear,
in moon, stars and sun-in wide sky written all clear.




Let me share this wonderful poem I read this morning written by Susan Lenzkes, this applies to me now.. it’s about believing with the heart and to believe with the heart means to believe apart from what our ourselves may tell us or what our  senses may reveal and the only wisest approach for us to be able to learn is to seek for God’s  wisdom. Believing on something with the heart is about trusting God’s power  that He’s the one working behind the scene, putting everything in place for good.

Have a blessed day 🙂




When a message from God
would clear up confusion,
He could write on my wall-
or give the illusion.
But the writing that’s there,
it’s plain to be seen,
is a simple crayon drawing
that I’ve yet to clean

Lord help me to learn
I won’t be receiving
a miraculous sign
wrought through believing;
when each day I can see
and yet don’t apply
Your message looking at me
straight in the eye.

~by Susan Lenzkes



Taking me to an adventure at this early  hour from  my four walled bedroom to a distant place, an enjoyable refreshing break  before starting my Sunday, watching “Pitchin’ In”,  an episode in Asian Food Channel hosted by Lynn Crawford a big city chef from New York’s Four Seasons Hotel, wherein she’s taking  daredevil adventures and whirlwind experience out of her comfort zone. She visited an olive farm in California and  a local monastery where wine is produced.  NATURE: God’s glorious gift to man. 



You’re the gentle breeze that sways
tree branches and rustling leaves.
You’re the falling rain that showers
mountains, land and deep blue seas.
Show me these things, I’ll treasure it
Take me to these places, I’ll embrace it
Your amazing gifts, I’ll forever keep.



Wait and Hope *Poetry

Waiting is hard , but believing  while waiting is harder still. That’s why people take things into their hands. Is there one special matter you have been praying about for a long time? I myself  have one. How many times have you tried to quit because nothing is happening?  No answer,  not even a sign. .  God’s timing  does not always coincide  with our immediate plans.  Sometimes his timing requires that   We WAIT  and  HOPE.  


An inward peace ,
God’s heavenly promise
says,” you must trust”.
Mind says, “better quit”
As this feeling insist,
“keep going must adjust”
As this doubts calls,
an inner voice saying,
“Can’t be, I’m so sorry”
God even in His silence
still in heart, it whispers
“don’t you ever worry”
Waiting and hoping ,
tells a good story.
What we just need is
to seek God’s glory.




You wake up , glance at the clock  ,  it’s still  early then  you tell yourself , “go back to sleep” ,  but thinking of  all  “must-do’s”  and should-do’s  race through your mind, how will you greet the day? … An  early prayer then after, a  cup of  coffee while reading  or checking  good stuff   to read  like I did earlier?…. I  enjoyed browsing and reading  blogs this morning.

Most of us have forgotten  how to greet the day. The knowledge is all but lost to us that a new day is sacred: a gift from God, a rare and precious gift. A new day brings with it another opportunity to start all over , to raise one’s head  from the pillow with a glad heart, to watch the clouds  roll across the dark sky. We must learn  to not ever take for granted, no matter how pain-filled  our life-that we are live and the earth still turn on its axis.

loonapix_1377492970142029539 (1)

My clock tick,
I can see sun now speak.
had my prayer,
fave coffee to start the day..

What lies today,
entrust it to Savior’s care.
Wisdom we ask,
a strong deep faith to last…

Each day, a God’s gift,
hug it , time is too swift
I’m in hurry, must go now
Such a busy day, so”Ciao”




You never know when someone may catch a dream from you.You never know when a little word, or something you may do may open up a window of the mind that seeks the light.  The way you live may not matter at all…



Behind sadness
that stares ,
I see a thing
you can’t deal.
Your heart
is throbbing,
some confusions
I feel.
As silence speaks ,
I hear tears
Let me hear
your story ,
I can lend
you my ears.
Let me hold
your hand ,
I ‘ll take away
that fears.
dark times
can be
too harsh ,
yet can make
us tough.
In a pouring rain
it will teach us
to fight,
let me show
you light.
Life has lots
of funny ways
of sneaking
up on us
But then,
we can always
ask God
to awaken
our trust.

Nodz ~




When this life is extremely overwhelming,
worries and doubts, faith ebbing.
A feeling rushing back like tidal waves,
Wind blows straight into our face.
Savior above must have something planned,
Even we can’t fully understand.
Just listen even to the faintest prompting,
with heart open, don’t stop believing.


Sometimes I fail to listen…




It’s been 4 days now we’re experiencing storm and  heavy rains , many got affected with floods, many were left homeless and the need for food, clothes and shelters. Thanking God my family is safe . My heart goes out to all victims and my deep prayer…


*Flood swamps more than half of Manila

Almighty God,

I am trying to imagine being in the midst of the earth’s calamities, all at the same time. I am certain this cannot even begin to compare to your power! You are the creator of all these phenomena, and what is created is never more powerful than the Creator. But you are also the same God who has the power to calm the storms in our hearts, to dry up the flood of fear and to control the whirlwinds on our lives. Grant us the humility to put more trust in your power than our own. Don’t let our resources get in the way so that we fail to rely on you. May Your power flow through us. Amen.



God’s Whisper

oie_trim_image (3)

In midst of noise
and turmoil,
a whisper sometimes
we tend to ignore.
Drowning in deep river
of unwanted fears ,
Beyond our silence,
we forget to call.
Savior’s torch
that able to light up,
the dark corner
of  our deep sorrow.
He’s just there,
watching and waiting,
A strong faith ,
firm trust He’s asking.




Battle ahead


Raging huge fire awaits,
for this  soul to face.
Succumbing to fear,
a battle I must take.
A ray of sun just out
between banks of clouds.
Few sprinkles of rain
as heart screams aloud.
God above is a shield,
Nothing to be scared
In whom mercy is endless,
it  cannot be compared.
I must keep moving,
a strength I am praying.


5th surgery of my precious little one….a battle ahead..



Cake please!

My WEDNESDAY craving…I’m REALLY craving!
***Just a simple , light thought  for today…



Delve too deep,
I’m thinking today.
Craving for a cake,
sweetness on a tray.
This thought, I desire
images that convey.
What a joy in each bite,
anyone can truly say.
Coffee to pair with,
while stirring, goodness it bring.
Real pleasure,
thus this heart swing.
A simple craze as this,
it’s God whispering.
The littlest of a certain thing.
we should thank and praise Him,
For such glorious blessing.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


God’s gift : Understanding

There’s nothing better than seeing your love ones  still fast asleep. We all had a good night, thank God, no night ouchies!  Our little one  joined us over dinner last night and  finally smiling now. I can say our little soldier is finally  back but  I know how it feels everytime there’s  a burning  pain somewhere. Still,  he is recuperating from 3 weeks hospital stay , 3 more weeks, I guess, then hoping. Early this morning,  I was clearing some clutters in the room, saw this mickey mouse alphabet coloring book and  a box of large crayons. I suddenly remembered it was him who chose this stuff, while we were in a mall bookstore. It seems like ages now since we had this little shopping alone, no  series of surgeries had done yet, he can still run and walk  freely without something that would bother him. On the other side of the room, there’s this two little bikes kept (when was the last time he rode this bikes) His childhood  was  stolen from him, in and out of the hospital for 4 years, prefers to lie down most of the time. One of my  sentiments – how can he still manage to smile and be contented, yet he knows  he’s carrying something  that would stay there for a lifetime. I know kids are resilient by  nature than we are –taken  from my personal journal 

Sometimes , when we love someone , we feel we just can’t give them enough. I think most parents feel this way about their children. Love make us generous. But generosity is more than giving. If anyone could have showered gifts on those he loved, it was God, but He didn’t. Instead He provided  for their basic needs;  he saw to it  that they had sheltered and enough to eat . He watched them counting coins when he could have filled  their laps with riches. God gave something more precious and more lasting  than gifts.  He gave us the gift of understanding. He knew how hard it is to live  in this world. He felt what others felt and couldn’t put into words. In our little boy’s case, if not with  that gift of  understanding towards his real health condition, probably  he won’t be smiling and fighting. Just a share 🙂 Short  poem for today-

Out of the depths,

My  utter despair

Out of my blahs

I cried  to you

the  wisdom

 you gave

I was saved

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


God’s Hand to Paint


As life ‘s wave
begin to roar,
tumbles over the shore.

As dark sky glitters
when night
gently falls.

This heavy heart
will rest upon ,
In midst of storm

God continues
to paint
eternal goodness.

His greatness
to warmth
life’s coldness.

In God’s time,
His mercy
will unfold.

Patiently waiting
and trusting
Tells a story

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


In You I Trust


Children are cutest when no one’s watching-or they think no one is. She had just stepped into the kitchen when the sight of her boys standing together on the back step caught her eye. Their backs were turned so they didn’t see her looking as the little one wrapped his arms around his brother’s knees. In a tiny voice he said, “Bend your ear down a minute- I want to tell you a secret. Then very quietly. he whispered something that delighted them both.

foot dragging,
is not trust

Real trust
bounces on eager toes of
laughs with pure delight
of knowing
in whom it believes-
rests easy
on whom it waits

so wrap me in the
knowledge of You
that my trust is no longer
in You, but
is You

~Author Unknown

______________ ______________________________

When was the last time , I whispered a secret on you….

in Your ears……





No more words to say,
Emotionally drained,
But her heart is in YOU
With YOUR promise,
This terrible time ,
She will get through.

Days and nights,
Battle rages on
Can’t stop thinking.
Stating all emotions;
Sentiments and fears
In  her writing.

Gazing upon
That rising sun
Hope she feels
But when it set,
Thoughts roll like a wheel
“Why YOU trusted me this much? “

…”Sorry God, just asking”
Things now.. too overwhelming
Losing this grip,
Wisdom I’m asking.
Your hands to guide,
I want to hold it tight.


Facing a battle ahead… my son’s 5th surgery…….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



A time of quiet, of reflection , so necessary to spiritual and mental health, is not easily gained  in the hustle of contemporary life. Make at least  few moments of reflection a priority.


Mid all  the traffic of the way

Turmoil without, within

Make of my heart a quiet place

And come and dwell therein.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


God Answers

Calm my anxious thoughts, I know I can trust YOU as I wait, because you never waste time. Keep my heart focused on you as I wait for perfect timing..

*When God answers wait*


My burning desire, an earthly request

Finding out YOUR will, my never-ending quest

Deeply  longing for something

Sincerely  praying for  this thing

YOUR silence  telling me and I’m  thinking

A “NO”, “YES” or In  YOUR time, maybe?  then I’ll be waiting.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Secret Places….

My secret hiding places…..I reveal…


Alone in the dark, I see my stories
In silence, I embrace the sadness
But when I look above, I feel some kind of peace
My hiding place , beneath the stars where I used to wish

Out there in the middle, drench in water
I can shout and scream, no one can hear
I can hide tears and forget all hidden fears
My hiding place, out in the pouring rain, it makes everything clear

Sitting in silence, telling Him all my doubts
I can hear choir singing, it soothes all the hurting
He lightens the burden, relieves the pain
My hiding place, inside my Savior’s arm, in Him I claim.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



We often think of what really love means is..
In this complicated world we are sometimes wondering the mystery of what it brings..
Nor lot of times we are mislead by our own feelings without thinking..
Love is flexible, it take things in stride, and can handle whatever comes its way.
It is ready to give others the benefit of the doubt and looks for the best in them. It never runs out of patience. It’s not selfish and often thinks of others than selves..It never fails..There are hundreds of phrase that tells about it, but do we try asking ourselves ,
How far can we go in the name of love?
Just my feelings and thoughts in two of my life issues I’m dealing now that I put into words..
As a true friend, and  a mom with an ill child….



A friend in grievance,
voice from distance
Silently saying,
“I want to be alone”
Wanna face my world
out of my own
You might be wondering
“Am I existing?”
You may want to figure out
or think of just leaving?

Feeling his little hands ,
groaning for pain
“I’ll be with you in rain”
Tensions so draining,
here inside so breaking
Unbearable fears ,
overwhelming feeling
A heart-wrenching ,
God’s will or  my desire,
if emotion burning in fire,
How would I?

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


GOD’S Light




Walking in the middle of the night, alone in the dark ,
I can see nothing , feels only one thing,
Scared and I dont know where will I be heading,
I can’t see lights, just a shadow following me behind…
I cried and prayed, I have to be strong, my battle along
Hoping there would be light , I could hold on in this darkest night
There you above always waiting, I know..
Something in YOU beyond my thoughts can understand and explain,
I can say , Your power and greatness still and will always remain
YOU reached-out shining lights ,
As YOU never left our sides……….



Holding Faith

What it’s like staying in hospital?



Counting hours ,days
sitting by our chairs.
Watching the sun rises,
with hopes inside arises.
Witnessing the sun setting
with fears lurking behind.
Staying in this kind of place
we have no other choice
but to silently pray.
Questioning the heart,
wondering, figuring it all,
an ordinary circumstance
or a destined fate to hold?
I looked around, I listened
to every people’s call.
Each burning emotions
tears surround their wall,
I pray to God for comfort,
strength may He bless,
for us, broken hearted,
we may find light and rest.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~