Two Hearts


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Two lovers dancing

Soul and heart reuniting

Me and you in dreams


Feels good to be back” 😊❤️📝  Hi everyone!



I Won’t Give Up



The road is steep, rough and the way is too dark,

wind is fiercely blowing  while silence is screaming.

This tired aching feet is telling; “you need to stop”

but my heart and mind whispering a different thing.

I must find the light, that searing light I once had,

love that awakened my soul, ignited my whole being.




You Are My Song

The silence is creeping in, no one is around,
I hear you gently whispers, melody surrounds.
This heart is throbbing, is it real or a dream?
drown in pain, tears, drifted down the stream.

You light up a fire, woke me up from a sleep,
your song soothes beyond, it touches me deep.
I thank God above you are here, never leaves,
you painted a blue sky over spirit that grieves.

Calming the chaos, fixing clutter in my head,
my broken wing, now secured, ready to spread.
The groove, it makes me want to listen more,
the tempo gives strength, it hit me to the core.

Thank you for your heart with a beautiful song,
hear me out, a glance I could carry as I go along.
Some may come, stay and go but I don’t mind,
in my road, there’s a song and soul intertwined.





There’s an article I read “Why Not Everyone Will Be There For You When You’re Grieving or Now I Know Who My Real Friends Are” by Kristie West, she answered most of my questions… how far would we go  for a love and  friendship, even in  the most darkest of times…when one is  grieving…a real friend is like a song…



The Promise

I dreamt of you last night, we were together,
watching  fireflies, chasing them around.
You’re laughing, your eyes were so tender,
you told me something, I wrote it down.

Stay close and wrap me with that promise,
hide inside my silent heart, don’t leave.
Speak through the breeze, hear me please,
this soul aches, your love I ever need.




I Can Hear You

The silence in between I can read your story,
fears dripping from the eyes, your mind screams.
At a lost for words, drowning in a memory,
you hide yourself, sits alone longingly dreams.
I can’t find words to say, strength to begin,
but my heart’s with you, give me all your tears.
When darkness is upon your door, let me in,
I’ll be by your side, we will wait till sun appears.




Most of the time when we’re in deep pain, we hide in silence, the people who can hear the pain  or listens to  what’s not being said are the ones who truly care and  understand.






Fill each heart with power of love
Each soul be rekindled, fire from Above
Let out what’s inside, a choice we have
Let hesitations diminish, change to make
Space in between, we must need to break

Tell me and I tell you, how much I care
It is you , In God, I always pray
Life’s too short for things we need to say
I feel, you feel , love must be shown
Words hidden, say it, let it be known.


Sometimes we let affection,  go unspoken, our love go unexpressed,  we can’t find words to tell what’s deep inside our hearts, especially towards those  we love the best.  There would have been more “I love you’s and ” More “I’m sorry’s”. Life’s too short  for just keeping it all  inside

Nodz ~


Memories Promises and Friendship


Keeping all good memories,
inside my treasure box.
Filed with  details,
sorting everything out.
My heart on them,
inside protectively locked.
A story, soon I’ll share,
will gonna tell you about.
What’s yours? we can open,
each other’s door.
We’ll travel  same huge  ship,
sail through life’s shore.
Storm of friendship
that would really never end,
Both  our promises
that won’t break nor bend.



Special Note


A special note will no longer be written in pen,
typed over screen, stating my phrases and send.
Words drenched in deep emotions, fully overflow
pressing out , conveying thoughts I want to show.
God will be my messenger , my love He’ll carry.
in deep corner, somewhere in my heart , all bury.
In wind you will feel , in falling rain you will hear,
in moon, stars and sun-in wide sky written all clear.



A Promise


Living under the  same blue  sky
but walks in separate road and time.
Watching the same  stars at night,
stands differently in route of light.
You may have a wide horizon lane,
My prayer, the beauty will remain.
I may not know when you’re in pain,
My prayer, strength in each  rain.
I may not feel your worries and fear,
My prayer, comfort in  every tear.
Friendships bound by time and space,
In each heart, there’s always a place.



You are…


You’re the bright star in my night sky,
the radiance behind my hidden smile.
You’re the flowers among the trees,
the freshness of my morning breeze.
You’re the pot at the end of my rainbow
colors you bring,  relieve my sorrow
You’re the words inside my thoughts,
the beautiful things you had taught.


 For my  little  one26 loonapix_13789179981544246578







In My Blank Page


You’re a dazzle picture
in my life’s blank page.
Thinking, figuring why,
your images , thoughts,
naturally intertwined.
Captivated, I was drawn,
stuck in my own world,
my sadness tears gone
I just wish you knew..
that day you let me in-
my world started to spin.


Thoughts and feelings  are just wide as an ocean , sometimes we  drown ourselves into it, then in words we create.





I remember vividly the very first time,
how I poured out my emotions to write.
It was for somebody I never really knew,
words real, simply describe what’s true.
Down inside the chamber of my soul,
the finest feeling , a part of me got stole.
Wish it’s real, not just an illusion to lose,
not my imaginary but one I can choose.




You never know when someone may catch a dream from you.You never know when a little word, or something you may do may open up a window of the mind that seeks the light.  The way you live may not matter at all…



Behind sadness
that stares ,
I see a thing
you can’t deal.
Your heart
is throbbing,
some confusions
I feel.
As silence speaks ,
I hear tears
Let me hear
your story ,
I can lend
you my ears.
Let me hold
your hand ,
I ‘ll take away
that fears.
dark times
can be
too harsh ,
yet can make
us tough.
In a pouring rain
it will teach us
to fight,
let me show
you light.
Life has lots
of funny ways
of sneaking
up on us
But then,
we can always
ask God
to awaken
our trust.

Nodz ~


Strangers We Are

I’m  missing some  special people……….friendships that have drifted apart, it’s hard and I gotta say, it  sucks. It may be unrealistic to expect any kind of friendship to stay intact but we can always preserve the respect  and love that  once had. Friends do come and go, it’s “reality”,  we will  be losing some  but along the way we will meet new ones. . Hold on to the people you really care  about and  just be the person you are.


My mind is racing,
the thought of –
once I had you.
I may not know why,
but this I hate
to say, I really do.
As your shadow
dragging me down,
opening the pages
Of once sweet memories
that drifted apart
way back ages.
Now barely
recognize things,
strangers we are
Haven’t you noticed?
I constantly,
watching you from afar
Haven’t you heard?
I’m always whispering
to remind you a thing,
Hear,what is it makes
us stay”? …..
whatever it will bring…

 Nodz ~


A Clock of Life


Up, side and down,

round and round,

as clock of life goes.

Endless moving,

continuously flows.

Season  of  gladness,

moments of  sadness.

Earthly Angels beside,

friends we truly call.

To lift , cheer us up,

 help us when we fall.


Thanking old and new friends…
May God bless and keep you always ♥



Old Pals

Just missing old friends….

✎ Written Thoughts....



Floatin’ rainbow how brightens the sky
With dole of doves flying around so high
Couldn’t help but notice
How fast time goes by
Memoirs of old clock
Vanished its sparkling shine
Touching sunrise while savoring
The old sweet taste of wine
Old pals are there to remember
People to cherish forever…….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~

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I was watching  Spongebob *my fave* episode this morning with my little boy, we’re both laughing  ,   it was a funny one  but it’s  a story that makes sense…and I remember something….




  • SpongeBob: Now that you have some free-time, let’s get some grub.
  • Patrick: No, SpongeBob, I’m afraid not.
  • SpongeBob: Well, I have a brand new bottle of super-bubbly bubble soap. [blows a bubble that pops on Patrick’s face]
  • Patrick: [wiping his face] No, thanks again.
  • SpongeBob: Well, maybe later we can play pirates.
  • Patrick: Robert, my dear, it’s no use. We’ve just grown apart.
  • SpongeBob: What? What do you mean?
  • Patrick: I know we’ve had fun in the past but we’re just not compatible anymore. It’s time we went our separate ways…such is life.
  • SpongeBob: [starting to cry] But Patrick… you’re my best friend.
  • Patrick: I know it’s hard but brace up chap.
  • SpongeBob: Yeah.
  • Patrick: Maybe our paths will cross again someday. Think fondly of me, Mr. SquarePants.
  • SpongeBob: Goodbye, Mr… Best friend! [sobs. At Sandy’s treedome, SpongeBob rings her doorbell]


Friends come,
some go….

Will make you smile,
leave you in tears.

Will brighten your day,
will push you away.

No words to say,
heartless I may say.

But that no mean,
love to put aside.

A lesson to learn,
keep it alive.

Love to be given
without expecting in return.


friend spongebobtumblr_luw739S2Dy1qdid01o1_500

Still, the two ended together again


Just a cartoon story ….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



Been a week , I hadn’t wrote anything , so  many things swirling around in my brain lately that I can not even think of even a single phrase, I am occupied with  family concerns, distractions, everyday stress from 3 week stay in hospital. Now at home, I can’t even sit! haaah , so many things left undone  😦 , could hardly finish them all, I need again  to reorganize  my daily schedule,  giving myself time (to write),  since it’s  my one  way to relax  a bit, else I  will go crazy. Life sometimes  put us  down but with the help of the things we love to do everyday  and FRIENDS around  life is much easier to handle. One thing I learned from my journey past weeks, were all about FRIENDSHIP, I met  different people, knowing their family stories, their heartaches, hardships, struggles and  joys, these taught me somehow. Life is one unending lesson, though we think, what we’ve been through  were enough, it’s not. 

Friendship gives license to show up at the door of need without asking, ” When would you like me to come? or what you like me to do? Nor does friendship call out, just let me know if you need anything. Practiced friendships whispers, “I’ll be there” and promptly steps  through the door with sensitivity . respect, and understanding. Glad I have real good  friends I may call. *One of the poem I wrote before, I was inspired by the kind of friends I had ,  some left  few stayed, yet  still feel blessed*


Funny phrases are all it takes.
To brighten the day, to light up the way.
When things are blur and hard to carry.
Words to laugh, making me smile, its all worthwhile..
Listening to my woes.
Tend to forget these blues.
Never hesitated to extend a hand, knows how to mend..
Everyday I’m assured, the kindness that cannot be measured.
Always there to share love, in that way, I’m really so blessed to have…

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Old Pals



Floatin’ rainbow how brightens the sky
With dole of doves flying around so high
Couldn’t help but notice
How fast time goes by
Memoirs of old clock
Vanished its sparkling shine
Touching sunrise while savoring
The old sweet taste of wine
Old pals are there to remember
People to cherish forever…….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~