Life Moves..

Time fleeting, things keep moving,
each day, in a second, phase changes.
Season is blowing, the world turning,
bits and pieces of our moment switches.
Embrace each flash and feel the flow,
dance with the sunset, kiss every sunrise,
Give a smile, a hug, let our love grow.
spread, share, shout it out now, time flies.


My favorite Ryan Farish 🙂


Tala *~

The state of my heart
The place where we are
Was written in the stars….



“A star falls from the sky and into your hands. Then it seeps through your veins and swims inside your blood and becomes every part of you. And then you have to put it back into the sky. And it’s the most painful thing you’ll ever have to do and that you’ve ever done. But what’s yours is yours. Whether it’s up in the sky or here in your hands. And one day, it’ll fall from the sky and hit you in the head real hard and that time, you won’t have to put it back in the sky again.”
― C. JoyBell C.


That’s the way it is! ♫♫

For my friends here!  26

♫♫ When you want it the most there’s no easy way out
When you’re ready to go and your heart’s left in doubt
Don’t give up on your faith
Love comes to those who believe it
And that’s the way it is ♫♫

Also from the bottom of my heart I just wanna thank
Feel so blessed and honor 🙂  for this nomination

Blog of the Year 2013 Award.



Waiting For Superman

The first time I heard this song I felt it described real life situations. Whenever we tripped, fell to the ground, got hurt, we always wish there is somebody, someone who will pick us up, save and just carry us all through, till we feel better. Just like “Superman” in movies, in times of  trouble, he’ll just sweeps in, gathers you up in his arms and will say “It’s OK: I’ve got you. I have my own Superman to share but better than this Superman one always wish- He’s a whisper away, He keeps his eyes fixed on me and no matter what, I’m rest assured He will never leave, even in a second and I’m thanking “Him“- My Dear Jesus. During my sick days, He watched over me and at the same time He comforted my lil soldier while in the hospital. It was so difficult, not being around with my little one on his toughest moment. My Superman can be able to do lot of things at the same time and I need not to worry.



Without You

So many things rob us of peace-conflict, uncertainty, busyness, worry, fear, tragedy. How can we have peace amid so much turmoil?

God, we want to have the quiet, unshakable peace that comes from placing our trust fully in you, the same peace that allowed us to go to the cross on our behalf. Help us to rest in the knowledge that our treasure is truly in Heaven. Praying for my fellow men who had been affected by the recent tragedy. May you give them strength and faith to move on. They may find peace in you by trusting in your power and greatness , and those who lost their lives,  may  their souls rest in peace.  Amen



Beautiful day!

Find this sooo cute in this beautiful morning!

♫ “Forget all your troubles ♫ (grand ma)
♫Forget all your cares♫ (grand daughter)”
A beautiful song!

Let me share a McDonalds TV commercial 🙂 simple video but speaks so deeply
Happiness in a box 🙂


Missing  childhood with my mom….



Pages of Love

Love this music!  , the rhythm tells a story 26

In deep silence,
a sweet hum we always hear.
In midst of darkness,
a sweet voice that can erase any fear.
Safe in a warmth embrace,
the kind of love that can shed a tear.

Not far away,
a twin shadow behind.
Both bond with a promise,
two hearts convey one thing in mind.
Two souls tightly connected,
the kind of love that’s undefined.

In life’s journey,
a Savior from above.
From our misery He can lift us up,
HIS  Spirit descends as a dove.
We need to come to Him with empty cup,
the kind of love , God’s greatest Love.

Smashbook - Our Love Song_2

Nodz ~


“The Music”

One of my favorite music ♥, while listening , thoughts came up……



In deep silence,
you blandly speak
In extreme sadness,
you calmly creep.
You may be that far,
out of my sight
Seems you holding,
me really tight
Rhythm touches,
my very soul.
Echoes deep down,
each time I call.
Your whisper -lingers,
it eases the pain.
Shelter me from rain,
brought me to a place
I’ve never been.
As THE MUSIC plays,
just closing my eyes
things get better,
my grieving heart
as it outcries….


 Nodz ~


Gentle Heart ….

Love is a powerful thing…….

My Favorite ✰ Ryan Farish

Sitting by the moonlight
Deep within these thoughts,
Can’t imagine how this certain thing
Never cease to hold…

Separated by million miles,
Bound by time and space,
Living in distinct world apart,
Too distant, far as it could imagine..

Words will stay
Thy love be the way
To keep everything
In this heart I say…

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~



I feel as if, my mind is everywhere, but at the same time, it is empty..I’m not feeling good today, can’t think of words or phrases…
This song from P!NK is completely blowing my mind, the lyrics so catchy, for now , this is all I can share , my favorite lines from the song, that says when you get hurt …just be like a soldier .. you need  to get up , try and try..

“Where there is desire
There is gonna be a flame
“Where there is a flame
Someone’s bound to get burned
But just because it burns
Doesn’t mean you’re gonna die
You’ve gotta get up and try try try
Gotta get up and try try try
You gotta get up and try try try”

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~

Blessed Sunday!



My favorite Ryan Farish ♥

I find his music easy to put words into ,to describe something from the melody but it’s up to the listener, how he will done it.

I find this song happy, speaks about life, moving on

Whenever I glance above the light
It always remind me to hold on tight
In my endless road
In my continuing journey
my stronghold key…

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


Music Box

Why is music so powerful and moving?

MY INSPIRATION- ♥♥♥ <My little boy’s favorite music…..

my abebe


Those happy little smiles that says
“Always here to cheer you up, when things are bad, I’ll be alright mom”
Those warm little hands from that  gentle touch that says
” Always here to hug you tight when you need it most, I will be fine mom”
In dark moments he watched me
With these tears he wiped it out.
He never ask,
Didn’t even say a word
In his eyes ,
I knew he understood though he’s in pain
Love this little boy so much!
Just one smile and touch, soaks away my fears and pain.

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~


There will be a day.

In our lives full of misery, pain and suffering, a God’s promise

God teach our hearts not to worry of anything….

God teach our hearts not to fear of something…

God teach our hearts not to give up rather continue trusting…..

God teach our hearts to be hopeful of things beyond our understanding…..

Lastly teach our hearts to hold on to you firmly no matter what life brings….

(◕‿◕✿) Nodz ~